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Jane answers your Jodi Arias questions

  • Jodi Arias could face the death penalty if convicted
  • Jodi is accused of stabbing Travis 29 times, slashing his throat and shooting him
Jane answers your Jodi Arias questions


We are getting tons of questions about the Jodi Arias trial.  So, every few days I will try to answer some of the questions you have.  Please keep sending in more questions and I will try to answer as many as I can. 

Mary asks:  Can the Judge sequester this jury if she wanted to at this late date?

Jane: Sure! The judge has complete control over the jury and can decide to sequester at any time she sees fit. Just this morning, (Thursday) the defense tried to have the judge sequester the jury but the judge denied the motion.  So at least as of now, the jury continues to go home each night. 

Marsha: Who determines which sections of interrogations from Jodi as well as her parents are shown to the jury? When does that get determined?

Jane: Video interviews and interrogation tapes can ONLY be used in very specific situations.  Particularly to cross-examine a witness or to show that a witness is lying or changing his or her story.  Martinez could ask Jodi a question while she is on the stand and then say “but wait, when we asked you that four years ago you said this…” and show the video.  Since Jodi Arias has changed her story so many times, Martinez was able to use a good amount of the interrogation tape during the trial.

Sandra: I'd like to know WHERE the knife came from!!!! I've been watching the trial since day one and dont recall hearing that. Did Travis always keep a knife upstairs in addition to a gun?

Jane: Jodi Arias claims that the knife was used to cut a rope that she and Travis used during or before sex or for sexual photos.  At first she claimed she didn’t know where it was then she changed that saying Travis brought it into the bathroom.

Jamie:  Why is the Prosecution not allowed to show the interrogation tapes that the viewers have seen?

Jane: The defense probably argued these videos weren’t relevant.  The videos make Jodi look bad but have little to do with the actual crime.  Also defense would argue that these are just short clips from hours and hours of her interrogation tape.  I think the jury SHOULD see these video but I guess that’s why I’m not the judge.

See her interrogation room antics here

Dawn: Why is the judge allowing this "expert" to testify to things that have no solid proof, that are only things Jodi ( the known liar) told her

Jane: Because this is a death penalty case the judge is allowing the defense a lot of room. She wants to leave no room for appeals. But don’t forget Juan Martinez will get to question each defense witness and go after any perceived lies.

Michelle: Why in the world didn't Jodi have an attorney during the countless interrogations?????

Jane: Jodi could have asked for an attorney any time. Especially once she was arrested. But don’t forget that Jodi Arias also agreed to interviews on national TV!  All before she decided that this was in self-defense. It was most likely her attorneys that eventually told her to keep her mouth shut!

David: Did they ever Find That .22 Caliber Gun that she shot Alexander with Jane ???????

Jane: The gun used to shoot Travis Alexander was never found. And a gun of the same caliber was stolen from Jodi’s grandparents’ home not long before Travis Alexander’s death.

Alice: I may have missed this ...but whatever happened to Travis' beloved dog?

Jane: We were worried about Napoleon too.  We found out that a good friend of Travis has him and is taking great care of him!

Maegan: Why did juror #5 leave and was asked to be taken off the stand?

Jane: Juror #5 was dismissed by the judge.  There were allegations that she was gossiping about the trial.  The defense pushed for a mistrial but after a long closed door session in the judge’s chambers that motion was denied. But that juror was sent home.  The defense looked pleased and Travis’ sisters were crying which leads me to believe that juror was on the prosecution’s side. We debated it on my show the other night

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