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Put your Arias questions in our jury basket!

  • Jodi Arias is accused of killing Travis Alexander, but says she did it in self-defense
  • Our experts answer your burning questions about the trial
  • Watch 'HLN After Dark: The Jodi Arias Trial' at 10 p.m. on HLN
Jodi Arias trial questions answered by HLN experts.

In Arizona, jurors are allowed to pose their own questions to the people who testify in a trial. They simply jot them down on a piece of paper and slip them into a basket.

We wanted to give you, our virtual jurors, a chance to put your questions in our HLN jury question basket!

You can post them to the HLN Facebook page or you can tweet us @HLNTV with the hashtag #JodiJury.

Each day, we’ll pose them to our experts and get back to you with their answers. Here are some of the ones we’ve answered already:

Barbara on Facebook wants to know: "If one commits a crime, like murder, and it throws that person into a ‘fog,’ then how under the law can that person use the ‘fog’ as a defense when the suspect caused the ‘fog’?"

And Bobbie sent us this question on Facebook: “So what if she had/has PTSD -- it would be a result of her killing Travis! Is PTSD supposed to excuse her from committing pre-meditated murder?”

Criminal defense attorneys Joey Jackson and Meg Strickler answer these questions in this video:

Kathi on Facebook asks: "I would like to know why, in our judicial system, the living person (Jodi Arias) is allowed to enter hearsay into evidence such as the alleged masturbation photos (and many, many other things) of which there is no witness or physical evidence to corroborate it. The state is not allowed to talk about anything that cannot be proved such as the slashed tires."

Tamber on Facebook wants to know: "Has anything been brought up about Jodi's treatment for PTSD, if she did suffer from PTSD? Should she have seen, or continue to see, a specialist or have been put on medications?"

Criminal defense attorneys Hughes and Jackson answer these questions here:

Lynn on Facebook asks: "Why wasn't the jury taken to the crime scene? I have seen this done in other cases. What has happened to Travis' house?"

Listen to the answer here:

Penny on Facebook says"I know Mr. Martinez cannot bring up the magazine secret messages (Jodi had written these messages in a magazine that was delivered to her) right now because the jury didn’t ask about it, but why didn’t he go any further with it in cross examination because it seems to go toward her lying on the stand?"

And Beth on Facebook wanted to know: "Could the prosecution have asked for/demanded a demonstration of Jodi climbing up on the shelves to see if it was even possible to reach that top shelf without the shelf collapsing?"

Our experts answer these questions in this video:

Kathy on Facebook asks: "Isn't everything [Jodi] is saying about Travis all hearsay?"

Criminal defense attorney Hughes explains why jurors get to hear all of this salacious testimony:

Before Jodi Arias went to trial, her defense team tried to negotiate a possible plea deal for second-degree murder. Maureen on Twitter wants to know: "Why can't her asking for a plea deal not be introduced into evidence?"

Hughes explains why jurors will never hear about this attempt at a plea deal:

Nellie on Facebook: Is her legal team public defenders and how many death penalty cases have they defended?

We break it down for you in this video: Meet the lawyers!

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