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Recap: Week 7 of Jodi Arias trial

  • Jodi Arias is accused of shooting her ex-boyfriend in the face, stabbing him 29 times and slitting his throat from ear to ear
  • This week: Jodi Arias took the stand in her own defense
  • Catch yourself up with the key events from court this week
Jodi Arias is accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

New explosive claims in Arias testimony

Jodi Arias claims she killed her ex-boyfriend in self-defense.

Jodi Arias phone sex tape played in court

Jodi Arias phone sex tape played in court

Jodi Arias: Cross examination preview?

Jodi in court

During week seven of her capital murder trial in Phoenix, Arizona, Jodi Arias went back on the witness stand in her own defense. Jodi Arias is on trial for the 2008 murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. She claims she stabbed Alexander 29 times, shot him in the face, and slit his throat from ear to ear in self-defense.

Note: We want to warn you that the testimony detailed in this article is extremely graphic, but it is central to the defense’s case in that they are attempting to portray the victim as an abusive sexual deviant. 

Bombshell allegations against victim

Monday, defendant Jodi Arias discussed lurid details about Travis Alexander’s alleged sexual desires.

Arias described one disturbing incident that occurred in January 2008, when she claimed she walked in on Alexander pleasuring himself to a photograph of a young boy in his underwear.

She told the jury she felt so sick afterwards that when she got home she threw up in the bathroom.

PHOTOS: Jodi Arias breaks down on the witness stand

However, Arias said the alleged incident helped her make sense of Alexander’s alleged desire to have anal sex with her while she was wearing juvenile Spider-man underwear.

Despite her disgust, Arias said she was not ready to end their relationship. Arias told the jury she wondered if Alexander might have been violated as a child, and she decided to continue fulfilling his sexual fantasies in an attempt to help him overcome his alleged deviance.

“It’s hard to describe because it’s very embarrassing. He seemed ashamed with himself,” Arias testified.  

“He didn’t want to be that way. It was something he struggled with. It was not what he wanted to be in the future,” Arias added.

Arias testified Alexander preferred to have sex with women because it made him feel “more normal.”

PHOTOS: Jodi Arias, others who took the stand

They had broken up on June 29, 2007, after Arias said she learned Alexander had been unfaithful.

Despite their break up, Arias said they continued to have secret sex encounters between three and four times a week. The following month, Arias went forward with her move from California to Mesa, Arizona, where Alexander lived.

However, when Arias moved to Mesa, she testified her relationship with Alexander became increasingly violent.

The day after she discovered Alexander’s alleged sexual interest in children, Arias testified they got into an argument when she refused to loan him $200.

During that fight, Alexander allegedly called Arias “selfish,” threw her on the floor and kicked her twice, she testified. She claimed the second kick broke her finger, which she held up so they jury could see.  

Arias told the jury she kept the incident a secret because she was embarrassed.

“I felt ashamed and I didn’t want people to know we had this kind of drama,” Arias said.

Phone sex tapes played in court

Tuesday, Arias appeared embarrassed, often covering her face, as the jury heard a recording made on May 10, 2008 of Arias and Alexander engaged in phone sex.

By that time, Arias testified that she had moved back to California, in an attempt to end her damaged relationship with Alexander.

LOOK: Jodi Arias’ road trip to Arizona

She described two more violent fights that allegedly occurred before she moved: one in March of 2008, when Alexander allegedly struck her across the side of her face, and another in April of that year, when he allegedly choked her until she lost consciousness.

Despite that alleged brutality, Arias testified she was still open to the phone sex call she had with Alexander that May.

During the call, they discussed what Arias said were Alexander’s sexual fantasies, which included tying her to a tree and having anal sex with her.

“That is so debasing. I like it,” Arias said in the recording.

“I’m game with everything you come up with,” she added.

During the call, Alexander encouraged Arias to pleasure herself. At one point, Arias appeared to climax, but she later testified she was faking it.  

“That was hot. You sound like a 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm,” Alexander said in response.

When asked why she continued to crave positive attention from Alexander, Arias testified, “When he was nice to me, he made me feel better.”

Regardless of the way he allegedly treated her, Arias said she continued to love Alexander.

“You wanted to get away from this man, why are you still acting as his booty call?” defense attorney Kirk Nurmi asked Arias.

“I was making a string of bad choices in my life,” Arias answered.

Text messages, e-mails revealed

Wednesday, the defense introduced text and email messages Arias and Alexander exchanged just weeks before the killing.

PHOTOS: Travis Alexander’s last moments alive

In a lengthy text message dated May 2, 2008, Alexander fantasized about photographing her in the role of “Little Red Riding Hood” while they were having sex, Arias testified.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about it, the pictures I’ll take, the progressiveness from the very clean to the very dirty and everything in between. It will tell quite a story,” Alexander wrote in the text message.

Alexander also wrote, “You are the ultimate slut in bed…you’ll rejoice in being a whore, whose sole purpose in life is to please me any way I desire.”

In another text message dated May 26, 2008, Arias testified Alexander wrote she “looked like a pure whore.”

Arias went on to describe how Alexander allegedly pressured her into ending her friendships with two men she had dated after she and Alexander broke up.

Arias testified she would have never asked Alexander to do anything of the kind, and she denied that she was upset when she learned he was dating Lisa Andrews and Marie Hall while sleeping with her.

“Why was it okay with you to have sex with him while he was with Ms. Hall?” asked Nurmi.

“I knew it was unhealthy but I was making unhealthy choices at that time,” Arias said.

LISTEN: Jodi Arias reads poem she wrote for Travis

Arias also explained a lengthy email she sent Alexander on May 16, 2008.

In the e-mail, Arias testified she wrote that she was disappointed in Alexander for not acknowledging the work she had done on a book he was writing and for giving credit to another woman who contributed less.

She also testified that she was “bugged” that he persisted in keeping their friendship a secret.

Arias closed the email by saying, “I love you and I will always be your friend and confidant.”

“Travis and I had been through a lot. I wanted things to be cordial between us,” Arias testified when asked why she didn’t end things.

Jodi Arias will be back on the witness stand Tuesday. Live coverage of her testimony begins at 1 p.m. ET on HLN.

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