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Jodi Arias trial: What we've learned so far

  • Jodi Arias is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander
  • Arias says she killed Alexander in self-defense
Jodi Arias trial: What we've learned so far

Arias describes sex with Travis on baptism day

Arias describes sex with Travis on baptism day

Arias mystery: Who was in the car with Gus Searcy?

Arias mystery: Who was in the car with Gus Searcy?

In court this week, admitted killer Jodi Arias detailed her sexual relationship with Travis Alexander.

One of the most shocking moments of the trial was when Arias said Alexander made her have anal sex on the same day she was baptized, Nov. 26, 2006.

She said it made her feel like, “a piece of toilet paper.”

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This testimony builds on what she told the jury earlier in the week, as she answered questions about her relationship with Alexander and her history with other men.

Monday’s testimony included Arias telling the jury that her time with her ex-boyfriend, Matt McCartney, was probably one of the best times in her life.

“He treated me very well, he was very kind, he was very respectful, he was very spiritual,” Arias said. McCartney studied witchcraft and Buddhism, among other religions, while they were dating.

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McCartney and Arias broke up when Arias discovered he was cheating on her.

Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi then turned his questioning to Arias’ long-term boyfriend, Darryl Brewer, who testified earlier in the trial. Brewer is 20 years older than Arias, but she said she wasn’t “concerned” with the age difference and viewed him as a “George Clooney type.”

Brewer and Arias eventually bought a house together. Brewer was divorced and has a son, and Arias says he made it clear to her that he was not interested in getting married again.

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After almost five hours on the witness stand, the questioning finally turned to the day she met Alexander.

Arias says they met at a Prepaid Legal convention in Las Vegas in 2006. Arias says Alexander was very flirtatious. “He was friendlier and friendlier, but not inappropriate. But, after I learned he already knew I had a boyfriend and he continued to act that way I thought it would be, I thought I needed to pull him aside and tell him I have a boyfriend. So that he didn’t get the wrong impression from me.”

When Arias returned from the convention she broke up with Brewer. “I’m kinda like one-guy-at-a-time kinda person. So, I didn’t want to have anything overlapping and I knew there was an interest with Travis… I wanted to be out of a relationship so I would not cheat on anybody.”

Arias then told the jury that her relationship with Alexander became physical faster than she wanted it to. According to Arias, on the first night they kissed, Alexander started taking off her clothes. "Well, I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t want to tell him no. So, I just kept going with it," Arias said. Arias says she performed oral sex on Alexander that night.

The next day, Arias and Alexander went to church together and they never talked about what happened the previous night.

A few days later, they met at Starbucks. Alexander gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. Arias says Alexander told her he was “horny,” so they drove to a park to have oral sex.

Arias went home to California, but she and Alexander talked on the phone every day.

Arias also told the jurors that on a trip to Ehrenberg, Arizona, she and Alexander engaged in oral sex. On this trip, Arias felt like Alexander was very distant with her when they weren’t engaging in sexual activity. According to Arias, Alexander also asked her to have anal sex on that trip, but she refused.

Arias says the trip made her feel like a prostitute.

Nurmi then asked Arias about pictures that Alexander texted her of his genitalia. Arias says she did not send back naked pictures of herself, even though he asked her for them. The pictures of Alexander’s genitalia were shown in open court and submitted into evidence.

Arias also talked about a weekend in Mesa when Alexander’s ex-girlfriend was visiting. Alexander told Arias they could not be affectionate in front of his ex-girlfriend. Arias said when she left Alexander’s house he only kissed her goodbye when no one was looking.

After this trip to Mesa, Alexander encouraged Arias to date other people. But then he got upset when he found out she was dating men who didn’t belong to the Mormon church.

It was after that, in February of 2007, when Arias and Alexander decided to make their relationship exclusive.

Around the same time they became an official couple, Arias said that one day she was on Alexander’s computer and kept clicking the back button on the web browser. She says she ended up stumbling onto his Myspace page. Arias started looking through his account and discovered flirtatious messages to other women, including a married Mormon woman.

In the spring of 2007, she and Alexander had intercourse for the first time, Arias told the jury.

Despite their status as a couple, Arias says that when she and Alexander attended a Prepaid Legal convention together, they stayed in different hotel rooms and Alexander introduced her as a friend, not a girlfriend. Arias got upset when a drunken woman with “generous cleavage” was hanging on Alexander, and he appeared to “[love] every second of it.”

After the convention, Alexander took Arias to his grandmother’s house, but she says he did not introduce her as his girlfriend.

Wednesday’s testimony ended with Arias telling the jury about Valentine’s Day 2007. She said Alexander sent her a package with chocolate and a pair of women’s underwear with the possesssive form of his name “Travis'” written across the bottom. Jurors have already seen a photo of those underwear.

Arias will be back on the witness stand to answer her lawyer’s questions on Monday.

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