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QUIZ: Do you have a better memory than Jodi Arias?

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QUIZ: Do you have a better memory than Jodi Arias?

Jodi Arias’s memory seems to be as full as the camera’s memory card found at the scene of the killing. They’re both jam-packed with sometimes graphic details leading up to Travis Alexander’s death. Can you remember exactly what you did years ago? How would your memory fare if you took the stand? Take our quiz to find out!    

  1. What were the dates of a vacation you took 4 years ago?
    A.  I remember the exact date
    B.  I remember the month
    C.  I remember the season
    D.  I didn’t take any vacations four years ago
  2. What time did you arrive at your destination?
    A.  I remember within 30 minutes of my arrival
    B.  I remember within 2 hours of my arrival
    C.  I remember it was either in the morning or in the afternoon
    D.  I don’t even remember what day I arrived
  3. What were you feeling when you got there?
    A.  I remember exactly what I was feeling, including the three mixed emotions running through my mind. I even remember what I was doing as I was feeling those emotions.
    B.  I generally remember feeling a certain way
    C.  I don’t remember specifically, but I assume I was feeling _____ (fill in your emotion)
    D.  I don’t remember at all
  4. Who greeted you upon arrival?
    A.  I don’t remember
    B.  How would I remember that?
    C.  I have no clue
    D.  I remember who greeted me. I remember he/she was also with his/her dog. I also remember the dog’s name.
  5. How did that person greet you?
    A.  I remember him/her opening the door
    B.  I remember him/her opening the door and the expression on his/her face
    C.  I remember him/her opening the door, the expression on his/her face, and what he/she said to me
    D.  I don’t remember

Now compare your answers to Jodi's while she was on the stand:

QUESTION: What brought you to [Travis's] home? And, this is February. Do you remember the day?
JODI: "Not exactly, but it would have been the first or the second maybe the third."

QUESTION: You surprise Mr. Alexander in early February. Do you remember about what time you arrived in the home?       
JODI: "I had to work that night, so I hit the road. I don't remember. I think it was around 2:30 or 3 in the morning."

QUESTION: So tell us what happened when you arrived?
JODI: "I pulled up to his house and I was kind of excited the whole trip. I was like thinking I mean he thought it was hilarious when I came, so I thought it would be funny to do that… but as I approached the door I had doubts. I thought I kind of felt stupid. I was like what is he going to think. I'm showing up at his house at 3 o’clock in the morning. So I started to go back and forth and waver and then I walked back to my car and then I stopped. I was going to get all the way in the car and just go back because I felt silly, but I turned around and looked at the house one more time and I noticed in the upper window there were lights flashing like that was the lock were the screen would have been for the um television or movies or whatever. So somebody was awake, so I decided ok what the heck, so before I could change my mind I went back to the front door and rang the doorbell."

QUESTION: Who answered the door?
JODI: "Travis and Napoleon."
ATTORNEY: "And Napoleon is his dog right?"
JODI: "Yes. I could hear him before anything else . . . he was barking very loudly when the doorbell rang."

QUESTION: Did Mr. Alexander appear to you to be happy to see you?  
JODI: "Yes. He looked very surprised and he had a big grin on his face." 
ATTORNEY: "What happened after that? Did he let you in the home? How did that go?"
JODI: "He pulled me into the house. It was cold out, so it was February so I had a jacket on with a hood. And he just stood there kind of a similar reaction to me when he showed up. Dumbfounded, but happy like what the heck. And then his roommate came downstairs and he, Travis, yanked the hood off my head and said: Well this is Jodi."

Tune in from 3-5 p.m. on HLN for more coverage of the Jodi Arias trial with Vinnie Politan. Plus, we're keeping you updated on the trial's latest on twitter! To keep up, follow us @HLNMakingit and @VinniePolitan.

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