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The iron?? We dumped the wrong Monopoly piece!

  • The cat was clearly going to win, because... the Internet
  • The worst Monopoly token? That's easy. And it's not the iron
  • Other ex-Monopoly tokens include cannon, lantern and horse
Monopoly dumps the iron for a cat

First off, congratulations to the cat. As a formal representative of The Internet, we are not surprised one bit to see you have achieved another online-based accomplishment.

The Web belongs to cats. It's been this way for several years now. From Nyan, Grumpy, LOL and precisely 18% of all YouTube videos and forwards from your mom, cats have successfully turned the public Internet into their personal litter boxes.

So, of course, a contest determined by online voting was going to be won by the cat.

It would be like going to a kindergarten class with photos of Curious George, Abe Vigoda and a handsaw and asking the kids to pick their favorite.

But how did we all decide the iron was the Monopoly token that had to go? It perfectly fits the Monopoly game piece ideal: a little odd, kind of old-timey, something you'd find around the house. This is why you'll no longer find the Howitzer cannon in standard editions.

Not that the iron was so great -- I can't recall a single game where anyone declared they had to be iron -- but it deserved to make the cut. In the final voting, the wheelbarrow and shoe finished as close runners-up. Few tears would have been shed for those pieces either, but none of these three are the worst Monopoly piece of all.

So what are the best and worst Monopoly tokens? Glad you asked.

The Very Best Monopoly Tokens - Official Rankings

1. Thimble

2. Top hat

3. Dog

4. Wheelbarrow

5. Racecar

6. Shoe, aka the tenement boot

7. Battleship

The battleship makes no sense. A total outlier next to all the other pieces, even the car, a version of which you'll find parked in almost every American driveway. The same cannot be said of a battleship.

And the battleship doesn't even need this honor. It already has its very own game!

If we were playing the old Sesame Street game of "One of These is Not Like the Other" and the four squares were filled with a thimble, a wheelbarrow, a battleship and a hat (or an iron!), I can tell you every 4-year-old would point straight at the battleship. And then ask you what a thimble is.

By the way, the cat would go at No. 5 on our list. Cooler than the racecar, but it's still no thimble.

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