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Arias: I didn't want to reject him

  • Arias details sexual encounters with Travis Alexander to jurors
  • Arias: 'I felt an attraction to him and the feeling was mutual'
Arias: I didn't want to reject him

In Session will air Arias' testimony Wednesday morning starting at 9 a.m. ET on truTV.

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Jodi Arias testified Tuesday, hoping to convince the jury she shouldn’t pay the ultimate price for killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. What she says on the witness stand, and how she says it, will likely be a key factor in the jury’s decision on whether she’s guilty of murder. And if the jury votes to convict, her testimony could be the difference in whether she gets the death penalty.

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In a shocking moment Monday, Arias took the stand and immediately told the jury she killed Alexander, simply stating that she did it because he attacked her.

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In Session live-blogged Arias’ testimony Tuesday. Read below for minute-by-minute updates from the trial (best read from the bottom up):

6:34 p.m. ET: Judge Stephens has recessed the court for the evening. Testimony will pick back up at 12:30 p.m. ET. Stephens also said court will not be held Thursday or Friday of this week.

6:30 p.m. ET: In Ehrenberg, Arizona, Alexander and Arias shared a motel room. When she arrived at the motel room, they started passionately kissing. Arias said they began to take off their clothes. 

Nurmi asked, "At this point in time, based on what you told us our understanding you had no penile/vaginal sex with Mr. Alexander?"

"No," Arias replied.

Nurmi asked, "And it would also be our understanding that you had not had anal sexual intercourse with Mr. Alexander?"

"Yes, that is correct," Arias said.

6:29 p.m. ET: The next time Arias saw Alexander was in Ehrenberg, Arizona for another rendezvous. Arias said that during this trip, Alexander expressed interest in more "intimate encounters" taking place. Arias says she expected oral sex.

6:26 p.m. ET: Arias said she learned about the vow of chastity shortly before her Mormon baptism. 

6:25 p.m. ET: Arias said around this time Mormon missionaries started visiting her house in Palm Desert and they invited her to their church.

6:24 p.m. ET: Arias said she spoke to Alexander on the phone every night. The subjects ranged from sexual flirting to spirituality. At this time, Arias was living in Palm Desert, California, and Alexander lived in Mesa, Arizona. Arias did not see him for a month after the oral sex incident in the car.

6:21 p.m. ET: Alexander left a voicemail on Arias' phone after the oral sex in the car, "voicing displeasure with himself." Arias said she got this voicemail while she was working. He seemed to be apologetic about he treated her in the car.

6:17 p.m. ET: Nurmi asked Arias how did she feel about performing oral sex on Alexander in the car. Arias said she was disappointed in herself, but he seemed to like it so she thought it was good. She said again she thought it was too much, too soon.

"I felt a little disappointed with myself. But, it’s hard to describe. I was attracted to him. He was attracted to me. He obviously derived a lot of pleasure from that. Which, I took as a good sign. But, again I was just thinking it was a little too much, too soon. I’ve been intimate before, but not that quickly," said Arias.

6:13 p.m. ET: Alexander told Arias he was "horny." So they left the Starbucks and drove to a park nearby to have oral sex. Nurmi asked why she complied with his request. Arias said she wanted to do what Alexander wanted to do, because she liked him. 

“I felt an attraction to him and the feeling was mutual and I wanted to, I just wanted to, I don’t know. I wanted to do what he wanted to do,” said Arias.

6:06 p.m. ET: Arias said that after she returned home to Palm Desert, California, Alexander contacted her about how much she liked his church. A few days later, Alexander met up with Arias at a Starbucks and he gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. 

6:03 p.m. ET: Eventually, Arias left Alexander's friends home that Sunday to head back to her house in Palm Desert, California. Arias said Alexander walked her out to her car and they kissed goodbye. They never talked about their sexual exploits the night before.

6 p.m. ET: The next morning, Arias and Alexander went to church with his friends. Alexander gave a speech at church that Sunday. Arias says they never spoke about their sexual exploits the night before.

5:58 p.m. ET: Arias said Alexander ejaculated in her mouth, and they fell asleep.

5:56 p.m. ET: Arias said it was embarrassing to talk about her sexual relationship with Alexander, but she also said she had oral sex with Alexander the same night they first kissed.

"It felt like too much too soon," said Arias. "It was uncomfortable."

5:52 p.m. ET: Alexander kept his Mormon temple garments on, but at some point Arias said she was naked.

Nurmi asked, "When he began to remove your clothing was that then surprising to you?"

It was a little surprising. But, it was more. I felt apprehensive but I was going with it," said Arias.

Nurmi askd, "What do you mean apprehensive?"

"Well, I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t want to tell him no. So, I just kept going with it," Arias said.

5:51 p.m. ET: Nurmi asked Arias why she didn't say no, and Arias replied she wasn't good at saying no. 

5:49 p.m. ET: Arias says, at some point, Alexander began to remove her clothes, and this surprised her. She didn't tell him no, because she didn't want to displease him. 

5:46 p.m. ET: Nurmi asked Arias how Alexander kissed her. Arias said the kissing was passionate or "French kissing." 

5:45 p.m. ET: Arias is on the stand, and defense attorney Nurmi is asking Arias about her first kiss with Alexander.

5:35 p.m. ET: Court should resume any minute now. In Session's Beth Karas says Arias and the attorneys are in the judge's chambers.

5:12 p.m. ET: Court is taking a 15-minute break. The live blog will continue when testimony picks back up.

5:10 p.m. ET: Defense attorney Nurmi is asking Arias what Alexander said to her that encouraged her to break up with Brewer. Arias said Alexander would joke around with her by saying she was "dating grandpa."

5:07 p.m. ET: At this rendezvous, Arias kissed Alexander for the first time. 

"We all went to bed and he came into the bedroom I was been staying in. I assume there was probably going to be some kissing or some kind of talking or hanging out. We had talked every night that entire week. So, that’s when we kissed," said Arias.

5:04 p.m. ET: Arias is talking about a rendezvous she had with Alexander at his friend's house.

5:03 p.m. ET: 

5:02 p.m. ET: Arias said one problem with her relationship with Brewer was that she wanted children.

5:00 p.m. ET: Arias said at some point she decided to go all in with Prepaid Legal and pursue her professional ambitions.

4:59 p.m. ET: “The relationship was already, like I mentioned, was kinda fizzling. I loved him very much. But, there was no, it wasn’t going anywhere. At least we had different visions for our future. Because it had been like that from day 1, it took me 4 1/2 years to let it go because I really loved him,” said Arias. "Also on Wednesday night I was invited to go out to some of Travis’ friends house. And I knew Travis would be there and I didn’t want to… I’m kinda like a one-guy- at-a-time kind of person. So, I didn’t want to have anything overlapping and I knew there was an interest with Travis. And I was beginning to sort of develop the seeds of interest with Travis. And I didn’t want to be in a relationship when I went there."“

4:57 p.m. ET: Arias said she broke up with Brewer a few days after the convention. She said Alexander motivated her to break up with Brewer. After the convention, Arias had a different vision of her future, and this meant she couldn't continue with Brewer.

Nurmi asked, “What was your vision of the future before you went to this convention in September 2006?”

“It was kind of nebulous. It wasn’t very clear. I just knew that I wanted … basic things. I knew I wanted to have kids some day, I knew I wanted to be married someday, I knew I didn’t want to struggle paycheck to paycheck. I didn’t’ see myself living a life of excess. But, definitely being able to pay the bills and provide for a family, somewhat … I saw myself getting more into photography and hopefully … I still had hopes of being successful in real estate, hopefully,” replied Arias.

Nurmi asked, “And when you came back from the convention, what’s your vision of the future?”

“I still had those desires but leaving the convention, I can’t really describe it. It was painful actually because I knew there was a lot of change on my horizon at that point. I couldn’t continue with the same life that I had been living because, it’s kind of like my eyes were opened to a lot of things I had been ignoring,” said Arias.

4:52 p.m. ET: Arias said she did not kiss Alexander at the convention.

4:50 p.m. ET: Arias is talking about how Alexander invited her to have breakfast at the casino during the convention.

4:47 p.m. ET: "He was friendlier and friendlier, but not inappropriate. But, after I learned he already knew I had a boyfriend and he continued to act that way I thought it would be, I thought I needed to pull him aside and tell him I have a boyfriend. So, that he didn’t get the wrong impression from me," she said.

Arias said after telling Alexander that she had a boyfriend at the convention, he still tried to kiss her.

“He leaned in very close, as if he wanted to kiss me. And he was licking his lips and he was staring at my lips, like he wanted to kiss me. But, he didn’t," said Arias.

4:46 p.m. ET: Arias is talking about how she learned about Alexander being a follower of the Mormon faith.  

4:44 p.m. ET: Arias told Alexander that she liked him, but she was in a relationship. She also told him that she wasn't sure her relationship with Brewer was going anywhere.

Nurmi asked, "Was Mr. Alexander aware you had a boyfriend?"

"Yes, he was aware," said Arias.

Nurmi asked, "and you got a sense of Mr. Alexander having an interest in you that wasn’t strictly business?"

"Yes," said Arias.

4:40 p.m. ET: Arias said at some point she realized that Alexander had an interest in her romantically, because he texted her after the banquet.

4:37 p.m. ET: Defense attorney Nurmi is asking Arias about Prepaid Legal's training process. Arias actually began to laugh when she said they called it "entertrainment."

4:36 p.m. ET: Arias' relationship with Alexander allowed her to have access to other functions at the Prepaid Legal convention.

4:33 p.m. ET: Alexander told Arias he was a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, and the UFC, which she called cage fighting.

"He asked about the UFC, if I was familiar with it. That was an interest he had. And I was familiar with it, somewhat," said Arias.

Numri said, "And UFC is that an acronym for something?"

"Yes, it’s an acronym for ultimate fighting championship," replied Arias.

Nurmi said, "Is that what we would call cage fighting?"

"Yes, cage fighting. No holds barred," said Arias.

4:32 p.m. ET: After the banquet, Arias said she did not know if Alexander was interested in a romantic relationship with her.

4:31 p.m. ET: Arias is describing how people talked about their success and income at the banquet.

4:29 p.m. ET: Defense attorney Nurmi asked Arias, "It sounds to me like then, to some degree you were getting intoxicated by the success you were seeing. Is that fair to say?"

"I don’t know if intoxicated would quite be right, but it definitely made a big impression," replied Arias.

4:27 p.m. ET: Alexander pushed Arias to be more involved with Prepaid Legal. Arias said she understands that many people at the banquet earned  $100,000 or more annually.

4:25 p.m. ET: 

4:24 p.m. ET: Arias says she was impressed with all the successful people at the banquet, and it made her believe that Prepaid Legal was a legitimate company.

4:23 p.m. ET: In order to attend the banquet, Arias borrowed Alexander's friend's dress. The dress belonged to Sky Hughes.

4:20 p.m. ET: Arias says her friends persuaded her to go to the banquet with Alexander.

4:19 p.m. ET: Alexander asked Arias to Prepaid Legal's Executive Director Banquet at the convention. Arias said it was an upscale banquet with multiple courses of food, and she was not prepared to attend it, because she didn't have anything to wear. At first she turned him down.

4:16 p.m. ET: Arias says she met Alexander at the Rainforest Cafe at the casino on the first night she showed up at the convention. He stuck his hand out and introduced himself, and they shook hands. He walked with her group as they left the restaurant and wandered around the casino.

"There was just a crowd of people everywhere and out of the corner of my eye I saw somebody walking towards me, kind of fast-paced, and I noticed it was a guy and I thought he was going somewhere, because he looked like he had a purpose. So I stepped out of the way because I thought he needed to walk past me. But, he stopped right in front of me and stuck his hand out and introduced himself," said Arias.

 Nurmi asked: "And was that, Travis?"

"Yes," said Arias.

4:11 p.m. ET: Arias says she didn't know what to expect at the convention in Las Vegas, because she had just signed up with Prepaid Legal.

4:09 p.m. ET: 


4:08 p.m. ET: Arias is talking about a Prepaid Legal convention she attended in Las Vegas in September 2006. It was held at the MGM Grand Casino.

4:06 p.m. ET: It seems Arias may be getting to the point she met Travis Alexander. She told police during the investigation she met Alexander at a Prepaid Legal convention in the September of 2006. Arias is talking about her relationship status with Brewer in September 2006.

4:03 p.m. ET: Arias said she was still in relationship with Brewer when she joined Prepaid Legal. This was around March 2006.

4:02 p.m. ET: Nurmi is asking Arias the process of becoming a member/associate of Prepaid Legal. 

4:01 p.m. ET: Someone gave Arias an informative DVD about Prepaid Legal, the same company that employed Alexander, in 2006. She found it interesting and pursued it.

3:58 p.m. ET: Arias is talking about her professional aspirations in 2006. She said she was still interested in real estate investment and pursuing her interest in art.

3:55 p.m. ET: Nurmi moves on to the fall of 2006. Arias says she was 26 around that time, and her relationship had stopped progressing with Brewer.

3:53 p.m. ET: Arias says her and Brewer ran into financial problems after they bought a house together, because the mortgage ballooned. She started paying the mortgage with her credit cards.

3:49 p.m. ET: Arias is back on the stand. Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi is asking Arias whether she planned to married Darryl Brewer around 2005. She says she would have married him.

3:36 p.m. ET: Testimony should start any minute now.

2:11 p.m. ET: The live blog will continue at 3:30 p.m. ET, when court picks back up.

2:10 p.m. ET: 

2:07 p.m. ET:  Here are some quotes from Arias today:

About falling in love with Brewer:

“It was a gradual process. My crush just became more and more. And then I began to really love his son. We progressed in that regard.”

Things she overlooked with Brewer:

"I discovered after I had already developed some deep feelings for him that he was a smoker. And he didn’t advertise that. I never saw him smoking. The only thing that bummed me about it is that his health."

On her relationship with Brewer’s son, Jack:

“It wasn’t a motherly kind of role. I guess having grown up with little siblings, Jack felt more like a little brother to me.”

 Another comment on her relationship with Brewer:

“We were boyfriend, girlfriend. We were in a committed, monogamous relationship, not necessarily headed for marriage, but I was in love with him.”

1:56 p.m ET: Judge Stephens has taken the lunch recess. Court will pick back up with Arias 3:30 p.m. ET. 

1:55 p.m. ET: 

1:53 p.m. ET: Arias is discussing how her and Brewer almost took full custody of his son, Jack.

1:52 p.m. ET: Arias' mother (pictured below) is in attendance for today's proceedings.

1:50 p.m. ET: Arias says she wanted to become a real estate investor. She even took classes at a community college.

1:47 p.m. ET: Arias said Brewer was a smoker, and admitted to her that he was an alcoholic.

1:45 p.m. ET: Arias said she feel in love with Brewer.

1:43 p.m. ET: Arias said she started dating Brewer in 2002, and she bought a house with him in 2005

1:41 p.m. ET: 

1:40 p.m. ET: Defense attorney Nurmi is asking Arias about how she felt about dating Brewer when he was 20 years older than her. Arias said she viewed him as a "George Clooney type."

“I wasn’t so much concerned about dating him as I was concerned about how other people might view it. I found Darryl very attractive. He was tall, handsome, beautiful eyes. that kinda thing. We were very compatible, our personalities,” said Arias.

1:39 p.m. ET:  

1:38 p.m. ET: Arias is now talking about how relationship with Brewer developed after he hired her at the Ventana Inn.

1:37 p.m. ET: Arias is talking about her employment at Ventana Inn in Big Sur, California in 2001. This may be a link to the resort she worked at.

1:33 p.m. ET: Arias is talking about how she meet her boyfriend Darryl Brewer when she moved to Big Sur, California. Brewer testified earlier in the trial that Arias changed a lot after she began working for Prepaid Legal, the same company that employed Alexander. 

READ MORE: Brewer: Arias changed dramatically

1:29 p.m. ET: Arias says she confronted Matt about the affair, and he was honest about it. Arias says this was not a heated conversation, but it was "emotional." They both cried during this conversation.

1:26 p.m. ET: Arias says Matt cheated on her, and she confronted the woman that Matt was having the affair with. 

1:20 p.m. ET: Arias says they broke up, because they had a lot little arguments. She classified this as "nagging." So they decided to spend some time apart.

1:19 p.m. ET: Arias says she loved Matt, "Very much."

"We weren't heavily discussing marriage," said Arias. "It was a future possibility."

1:14 p.m. ET: Arias says Matt explored witchcraft.  She says they explored spirituality together. 

1:13 p.m. ET: Arias is talking about her boyfriend, Matt. She says that Matt treated her well, and may have been the best time of her life.

1:12 p.m. ET: Arias is on the stand, and the jury is being brought in.

1:09 p.m. ET: Arias is wearing a baby blue polo, and the same glasses she wore Monday.

1:08 p.m. ET: Judge Sherry Stephens is on the bench, and Arias is in the courtroom.

1:07 p.m. ET: From our producer in the courtroom: Arias will be testifying before a packed courtroom. All seats are now occupied.

1:05 p.m. ET: From our producer in the courtroom: The judge has left the bench as the court waits for Jodi Arias to be brought in from her holding cell. ​There is apparently a manpower shortage shepherding the inmates from holding cells to the courtrooms. Everyone is waiting for Arias. All the attorneys are in courtroom. The judge should take the bench as soon as she gets here.


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