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Arias case: Menacing email invoked God

  • Jodi Arias is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in Arizona
  • Arias says she killed Alexander in self-defense
  • Correspondence accused woman of 'acts of whoredom'
Jodi Arias admitted killing Travis Alexander, but she claims it was in self-defense.

Analysis: Jodi Arias' tears in court

Jodi Arias admitted she killed her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, but she claims it was in self-defense.

Arias tried to bring her former lover 'closer to God'

Arias tried to bring her former lover 'closer to God'

Travis Alexander’s ex-girlfriend Lisa Andrews told police she thought Jodi Arias was responsible for a threatening email and other harassment. Soon after Alexander died, Andrews told police that she experienced some very hostile behavior from someone she believed to be Arias.

Mesa, Arizona, police Det. Esteban Flores was assigned as the lead investigator in the case of Alexander’s death, and his report details Andrews’ experience.

“Travis was at her house late one night and they had received a knock at the door. They went out and didn’t see anyone. Later, they discovered that Travis’ tires had been slashed. They thought it was possibly just a random act until the very next night when he was over again and they received another knock at the door. Travis ran out and found his tires had been slashed again,” wrote Flores in his investigation report.

This disturbing behavior didn’t stop there. It took an even darker turn when Andrews got an anonymous threatening email shortly after Alexander’s tires were slashed. Andrews turned over the email to Flores. This is how that email is transcribed in his report:

“You are a shameful whore. Your Heavenly Father must be deeply ashamed of the whoredoms you’ve committed with that insidious man. If you let him stay in your bed one more time or even sleep under the same roof as him, you will be giving the appearance of evil. You are driving away the Holy Ghost, and you are wasting your time. You are also compromising your salvation and breaking your baptismal covenants. Of all the commandments to break, committing acts of whoredom is one of the most displeasing in the eyes of God. Think about your future husband, and how you disrespect not only yourself, but him, as well as the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Is that what you want for yourself? Your future, your salvation, and your posterity is resting on your choices and actions. You are a daughter of God, and you have been a shameful example. Be thou clean, sin no more. Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to make the right choices. I know you are strong enough to choose the right. Your Father in Heaven is pulling for you. Don’t ignore the promptings you receive, because they are vital to your spiritual well-being.”

Prosecutor Juan Martinez told the court he decided not to call Andrews to the witness stand because he was worried that her testimony about this stalking behavior would be too prejudicial and that if Arias is found guilty, the potentially prejudicial testimony could create an issue that the defense could use to appeal a conviction.

Flores’ interview with Andrews is detailed in his investigative report along with other information the jury may not get to see or hear about. The detective’s report also mentions how he investigated Alexander’s roommates and friends by having their stories checked out, getting their DNA and eliminating them as suspects.

READ FOR YOURSELF: Flores' investigation report

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