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'I throw out my kids' art': Best mom confessions!

  • Moms come clean on website's week of parenting confessions
  • Facebook posts don't tell whole parenthood story; this does
  • Mom: I steal from daughter's piggy bank. 'If you had to get her ready in the morning, you’d deserve Starbucks too - her treat'
Mothers on CTWorking.moms confess their parenting-related sins.

Editor's Note: Michelle Noehren is the founder and editor of -– an award-winning website focused on supporting working mothers. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and 18-month-old daughter. CTWorkingMoms is on Facebook and Twitter.

Who doesn't love a good confession, especially a parenting-related confession?

Over at CTWorkingMoms, we have a special place for readers to submit their parenting confessions anonymously. We created this place because we feel like moms should be more honest about what life is really like raising children. Often times, we see other moms posting a million Facebook status updates about how wonderful their life is with their kids and it creates this false sense that everything is perfect. Well you know what, no one is perfect and being a parent is an incredible challenge (a worthy one, of course).

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all admit that we're flawed and sometimes we think or do things that don't fit into this unattainable image of what being a perfect mother is?

The bloggers of CTWorkingMoms decided to spend the last week doing exactly that: confessing our parenting-related sins. We think that reading other moms’ confessions can be very therapeutic because it helps us realize that we aren't the only one that feels or thinks a certain way and that knowledge helps us all feel less isolated.

So, here it is. The list of the best confessions from the week, click here to read through all the posts. Enjoy this and remember that we all love being moms and wouldn't change that for anything.

I showed my kids the “Gangnam Style” video because I thought it would be cute if they started doing that horse-dance. However, my daughter’s favorite part is where all the girls are on all fours, gyrating their booty’s. Great, I’m raising a future stripper. - Dena

I sometimes lay on my back naked to see what my boobs used to look like before breastfeeding. They used to be perky and cute, now they look more like two poached eggs nailed to a board. - Katie S.

I am so over Dora. Stop staring at me and just cross the grumpy troll’s bridge already. - Patty

I’m a rebel… but I don’t want my kids to necessarily rebel against me. - Kate

I suck at arts and crafts. I will not make outfits or costumes for my boys. I will not bake anything that will be picture-worthy and I will not even attempt anything on Pinterest. If prompted, maybe I can make an acceptable airplane out of a beer, I mean, soda can. - Holly

Pre-kid I made every effort to judge and make fun of parents who put their kid on a leash. Yeah, you know those body harness things that you sometimes see kids sporting at Disney World or the mall? I have begun to think about this as less of a possibility, and more of a reality. For serious. How am I going to keep the kid within hands reach when he’s too big for the stroller? - Marie

Oftentimes, after a couple hours of sitting on the floor with my daughter playing with the same toys over and over, I position myself strategically so I can hop on my phone and check out Facebook or Words With Friends by hiding the phone behind her back so she can’t see I’m not paying attention. Momma sometimes just needs a break. - Christa 

I once got my daughter into her bed in the middle of a major temper tantrum by telling her that a bear was coming (I didn’t say where in particular, I just said “a bear is coming.” - Sarah B.

You know the 1,023,497 pieces of “artwork” that come home from daycare/school? I throw them out. - Elise

When my daughter wants to play games on my phone and I really don’t want her touching it, I will lie and say the battery is dead. - Carly

I once forgot to buckle my child in her car seat. By the time I got to the bottom of our driveway, my daughter had crawled out of her seat and into the front passenger seat saying “Hi mommy!” It took me a second to realize what was wrong with that picture. - Mary Grace

Sometimes, I secretly eat candy behind the kids’ backs. When my four-year-old asks what I’m eating, I lie and say “A piece of cheese”. - Sarah

Once and a while, I steal money for coffee from my daughter’s piggy bank. Hey, if you had to survive getting her ready in the morning, you’d deserve Starbucks too - her treat. - Kriste

I resented when my children asked if they could have some of my beverage and then took a huge endless sip. I felt they were sucking the life out of me. - Randi

Sometimes I would rather take the dog out for a walk in the cold than feed a crying baby. - Melissa

I turn on the shower and read my Kindle sometimes to get a few minutes to myself. - Stephanie

I often times wish it was OK to leave my daughter in the car while I run into the store. But of course it’s not and in fact I think it’s illegal. But it would be SO MUCH EASIER to get that one thing I forgot to pick up in the store if I could just run in. - Michelle

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