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Witness: I kissed Arias the day after Alexander died

  • Ryan Burns admitted he fooled around with Jodi Arias a day after Travis Alexander's death
  • Arias is accused of killing Travis Alexander; She claims she killed him in self-defense
Ryan Burns says Jodi Arias kissed him a day after Travis Alexander's death.

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Jodi Arias admitted she killed her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, but she claims it was in self-defense.

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Jodi Arias admitted she killed her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, but she claims it was in self-defense.

The day after Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander, she was making out with his friend, Ryan Burns.

Burns testified Wednesday at Arias’ trial. He told the jury he met Arias at a convention in Oklahoma City in April 2008, about two months before Alexander died.

He said that even though he lived in Salt Lake City and she lived in Yreka, California, they kept in touch.

Burns said Arias planned a road trip in May 2008. Her first stop was to visit a friend in Los Angeles before heading to Utah to see him.

Burns testified that he expected Arias to show up at his house on June 4, 2008, the same day Alexander died. However, she never arrived, and he got worried about her because she was driving overnight.

Burns called Arias’ phone multiple times on June 4, but his calls went to straight to voicemail. He even went as far as to call one of her friends to check on her, but the friend did not know where Arias was.

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Arias finally called Burns at 10:30 p.m. on June 4 and told him that she had taken the wrong freeway, had gotten lost and had taken a nap in the car. Burns said she told him her phone had died, and that she had forgotten her car charger and had to buy one at a gas station.

In Session correspondent Beth Karas is in the courtroom and has been following the case. She says phone records show that phone call to Burns the night on June 4 was made just hours after Arias killed Alexander.

Burns says Arias told him that she would get to his house the next day, June 5, 2008. He thought Arias was six or seven hours away from his house, but it took her 12 hours to get there.

Burns described a couple of details he noticed about Arias when she arrived: Her license plate was upside down, and she had dyed her blonde hair brown.

He also said he noticed she had a couple of bandages on her fingers.  Arias told Burns that she cut her hand on a broken glass at the restaurant where she worked.

Burns said he watched a movie with Arias that day, and during the movie they began to kiss, but they both stopped short of removing their clothes because of their shared Mormon faith.

Throughout the trial so far, Arias has often cried and hidden her face behind her hair. However, that wasn’t the case Wednesday as Burns was on the stand. Arias looked directly at him during most of his testimony.

Before Arias left to head back to California, Burns says they took a nap together. When they woke up, Burns said they made out again, but again stopped before it went any further.

After reviewing the events of June 2008, Prosecutor Juan Martinez also walked Burns through some instant message conversations he had with Arias.

Burns said Arias told him she broke up with Alexander after finding text messages from another girl on his phone. 

In one of the messages from Arias, she told Burns that she read a text to the other girl in Alexander’s phone that said, “I really miss you…”

The girl responded by texting: “Sorry I didn’t get back to your last text. What time is it there[?]”

Arias also explained to Burns that she kept in contact with Alexander after they broke up.

During cross examination, Burns said he had phone sex sessions with Arias at some point during their relationship. He also said that Arias admitted to him that she had a sexual relationship with Alexander, but asked him to keep it a secret.

Soon after Alexander’s body was found in June 2008, Arias told police she was not involved in Alexander's death. She later changed her story and told investigators that she witnessed two intruders break in and kill him. She eventually admitted to killing Alexander, saying it was in self-defense.

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