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Facebook facelift: Your profile is changing... again!

  • A change for the better? Facebook redesigns Timeline
  • Two-column layout ditched for cleaner look
  • That's it right there, below this sentence
Facebook is making changes to its new Timeline design.

If there's one thing Facebook does great, it's change.

If there's one thing Facebook users hate, it's change.

So now what happens when Facebook changes something that its users already hated?  (*Infinite loop, head explodes*)

We're all about to find out. Unless you live in New Zealand*, in which case you are already experiencing the new Timeline design.

*New Zealand has long been Facebook's designated guinea pig for big rollouts. Like Peter Jackson, they have determined that when you want to try some really massive, out there stuff, best to just drop it on the Kiwis first.

For the rest of us, we will have to wait a little longer for the latest Facebook facelift to land on our screens, but we already know the major switch: dumping the confusing two-column layout for a single column design, which more resembles your News Feed and less resembles the jumbled stacks of updates we're currently staring at.

You can also say it more closely resembles exactly what your profile looked like before Timeline, just with a cover photo. You could say that. But we won't.

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Screengrabs posted by a New Zealand-based contributor for The Next Web show a handful of other accompanying changes, as well. The 'Friends', 'Photos' and 'Map' thumbnails under your cover photo are going away, replaced by tabs.

New Zealand users are telling Mashable the order and content of those tabs can be customized, with options including the standard ones just listed, as well as apps like Spotify or Instagram and other profile features, including Movies, Music or Likes.

Also going away from the header? Your relationship status. It'll still be visible in the 'About' section, just not on your Timeline. That's one extra step for those of you using Facebook for its God-given purpose: stalking your exes.

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A Facebook spokesman tells The Next Web there are "no other details to share right now," but at least from what we can glean so far from New Zealand, the company has responded pretty nicely to the complaints about Timeline and its right-side, left-side ping pong information layout.

Is it cleaner? Sure. Are people still going to complain? Sure. But this is Internet. Complaining is one of the five pillars which prop the whole thing up (the others: politics, cats, porn and Justin Bieber) and with one billion worldwide users, Facebook already knows exactly where you're going to post your gripes.

On Facebook.

And they're probably OK with that.

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