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Over the cliff: How do you feel about the deal?

  • Updated: Many of HLN's Facebook commenters are peeved!
  • Relieved, grieved and peeved? Leave your opinion below
  • Congress strikes accord but many taxpayers are conflicted
There's mixed reaction over the fiscal deal reached by the House and Senate.

The fiscal cliff has been averted pending the approval of the White House, but a sampling of comments across the internet indicates that the whole process left Americans feeling one of three ways: Relieved, grieved and peeved. Check the comments below, and leave yours:

Relieved... that the House and Senate were able to compromise

"I am very relieved to find out that the bill just passed by Congress to avert the fiscal cliff finally dealt with the federal estate tax and removed much of the uncertainty that we have been dealing with for the last two years," said lawyer Ralph Flick in a blog post.

"Good news," tweeted former New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial after the Senate passed the deal that would extend jobless benefits and student aid. 

On HLN's Facebook page, Joy W. said: "I'm broke as hell. I'm relieved."

"Relieved they have a temporary solution. Pissed that it's just temporary," said Ashley K. on HLN's Facebook page. "I'd like to know which one of these elected officials I voted for to represent myself and my state because they are not doing a good job!"

Grieved... that the Democrats/Republicans caved in

"The failures of our government is fundamentally the fault of a majority of voters who want more spending but don't want to pay the taxes to do so ... There are no effective checks on spending and lawmaking by the Congress anymore," wrote2 said on the Washington Post's story 'Congress approves Fiscal Cliff' measure'.

"So this is what I voted Republican for? No spending cuts. I'm going independent as of today! You can't trust your elected officials to do what they were hired to do," CNN commenter Johnnycobra said.

"Yet another humiliating defeat for Republicans," wrote billpeete on the L.A. Times' website.

"We’re headed for a quagmire of austerity and stagnation. Worse, Washington’s last-minute compromise leaves advocates of that course in the driver’s seat for the upcoming budget negotiations," Forbes contributor Igor Greenwald says in a piece titled 'Fiscal Cliff a Disaster'.

Peeved... over the partisan brinkmanship

"Peeved. 'Band-Aid' solutions are not solutions and we need to stop accepting this type of 'problem-solving,'" Tabitha S. said on HLN's Facebook page.

"I think that power needs to be removed from Washington and returned to state gov't issue by issue until they can agree on the role of the fed Gov't. We've allowed state issues onto the federal stage and gridlock is not surprising we're a diverse people. The closer we move the issue to state legislatures the less gridlock we'll have," said tracmok on CNNMoney's Why your paycheck will still shrink.

ON HLN's Nerves frayed, but fiscal cliff averted, R. Enger said: "Wake up----its time to eliminate all your senior house and senate,, politicians, clear each and everyone of them...their pockets padded, and full of cash, to represent, themselves, and big money intrest...holding, each and every american, hostage....we have - two term-, deal with the president, the same should be in place, for all ,, house and senate.....clear the power struggles and special intrest payments, and payoffs..."

HLN readers, we want to hear from you. Are you relieved, grieved and peeved about the new fiscal deal?

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