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Say anything: A place for parents to confess

  • The week's best blog entries from the parenting community
  • Eye-opening results on site's anonymous confessions page
  • New mom takes back every bad thing she ever thought or said about parents
Eye-opening results on website's anonymous parent confessions page.

"Best of the Blogs" is's home for some of the very best recent parenting blog posts. It's also a chance to spotlight the great work being done by these talented folks who somehow find the time to not only raise children, but also write (quite well) about it, too. Seen a great post? Tell @JonFromHLN!

'An Open Letter to Moms Who Had Babies Before I Did (Sorry I Judged You)'

Providing apologetic credence to all those cliches like "try walking a mile in someone else's shoes," "don't knock it til you tried it" or "easier said than done," new mom Nicole Fabian-Weber opens up and admits she had moms (and dads) all wrong. All the grievances or annoyances she had with them in the past, well, it's time to atone now that she really is walking a mile (many in fact) in their shoes.

"I'm sorry for not always letting you and your strollers past me when I was in a rush. At the time, it never dawned on me that once I got home, I could take a nap, where you -- you definitely weren't going to take a nap.

I'm sorry for wondering why your house was a mess. I just thought, "Kids take naps, don't they? Why don't you clean while they're asleep?" I now know that when your baby is sleeping, you can get much more important things done -- like showering or eating! I also now understand that "cleaning" in and of itself is sort of a silly thing, because the results only last about an hour." Continue reading at Cafe Mom.

More from Nicole Fabian-Weber: On Tumblr | On Cafe Mom

'Confess It'

Technically not a blog post, but a fantastic, borderline therapeutic feature at CT Working Moms, which is ostensibly a site for working moms in Connecticut but has pretty great, universal stuff for working moms and dads anywhere. Such as this "Confessions" page where parents anonymously submit their deepest, darkest (and lightest) secrets. I could spend all day reading this. And thinking up potential additions to it, too. Some examples:

"Raising a son in high school is the HARDEST thing I have ever done.  He’s a good kid but I feel like I’m in a for a rough 4 years and then he will leave and go to college and I will miss him terribly."

"I can see why my baby LOVEs breast milk, formula tastes AWFUL!  Yeah, I’ve tried both."

"Sometimes I don’t feel mature enough to be a mother."

"I love my boys even though now I see it might limit my career aspirations. Amazingly enough, I really don’t care about that anymore." Continue reading at CT Working Moms.

More from CT Working Moms: | Follow @CTWorkingMoms

'What does Hanukkah mean to my autistic son?'

Pausing to consider what the holiday means to her adult son with autism, a mom weighs whether he might have "Christmas envy" as she did as a child or perhaps cares too much about the gift aspect of the eight-night celebration. The answer, she comes to realize, is that it doesn't matter. He's happy, and that's all that counts.

"I wonder if Mickey feels any Christmas envy. Or am I projecting my own ambivalence? Does he think of Hanukkah with its eight days of presents, as some kind of souped-up birthday?

This year, "eight days" has personal resonance. During the ordeal of Hurricane Sandy six weeks ago, we lost power... for eight days. During those dank and dark nights, we huddled close to the hearth. It was inky black beyond the fire's protective glow. I found myself understanding, on a visceral level, why for millennia, people stared down darkness with celebrations of light." Continue reading at The Huffington Post.

More from Liane Kupferberg Carter: Autism After 16 | Follow @LianeCarter

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