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Are stars aligned for Obama or Romney?

  • Let's check out the horoscopes for Obama and Romney
  • Heck, why not?
If President Obama and Mitt Romney checked their horoscopes, what would they find?

Let's add another layer of random predictions to your plate (Redskins rule, anyone?) and pretend Mitt Romney and President Obama check their horoscopes. What would they find?

OBAMA (b. August 4, Leo)

From The Washington Post: You can't plan everything, because if you do, when would you ever have a surprise in life? Your creativity is in need of a big boost, and the only thing that will deliver the blast you need is uncertainty. So today, toss out your game plan and venture into new projects, places and relationships. Take part where you've never taken part in before. You need to get back up on your toes to remind yourself what it feels like to not quite know what is going on. You'll find it exhilarating.

From No more drama! Let that be your rallying cry today as communicator Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks. While you won’t appreciate other people’s theatrics, notice your own tendency to make mountains out of molehills. The more you chill out, the calmer your peeps are likely to be.

From This is a good time to buckle down and concentrate on your work. Your organizational abilities and sense of responsibility will be what guides you and proves successful. Your career becomes much more focused now. Throughout the day, you will find this a time of being charged and enthusiastic--perfect for starting something or taking care of any sort of project that you come across just now. Your taste in art and appreciation in general are heightened this afternoon. At this time, you may decide to invest in a particular piece of furniture, an art piece or some other addition to your living area. You will enjoy attending an art show or being entertained with friends this evening. Conversations between friends tonight may be quite lively and agreeable.

From Post: You want to get things out into the open, but you may be fighting an uphill battle as a family member or someone close to you seems to be holding back something. The feeling of not knowing what's actually happening is confusing, but you might not want others to know you're disoriented. A vicious cycle of non-disclosure can only be broken when you boldly decide to openly share what's on your mind.

ROMNEY (b. March 12, Pisces)

From The Washington Post: The world is not aware of all of the skills you possess, so why not give them a sneak preview today? You can use your hidden talents to entertain, persuade and negotiate with people -- whatever you need to accomplish. Too often you play it safe and go by the rules, but that could be a bit shortsighted today. Think big and have confidence in what you can do. Just because you aren't an expert in something doesn't mean that you aren't good at it.

From Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks and until the 14th it will be affecting your career sector. People who you worked with in the past could make a reappearance. If you’re on the job hunt, ping your old boss who might just have the best new connection. Dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s: this is not the time to do a rush job, Pisces.

From Having to go back and redo a job today is exasperating . . . so, before the day begins, pay attention to things that are supposed to match up, like numbers and colors. Good practical job-related thoughts and ideas are available to you now. Figuring things out, spotting the fly in the ointment and separating the sheep from the goats are some of the things that take on special significance. You have a strong urge to organize things today--there is mental work. The ability to communicate with superiors or describe what you see is excellent. Your timing should be perfect for just about any project you want to attempt. Push too hard and you could be too dominating, even oppressive. Allow someone you love to take care of you this evening.

From Post: Instead of pushing forward on your career path today, it may be smarter to take a breather while you integrate recent experiences. Allowing yourself time to regroup and consolidate your resources during the weeks ahead is your best use of this Mercury retrograde phase. You will ultimately make more progress if you have the good sense to relax now while you can.

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