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Small business owner: Romney has my vote

  • Sal Guarisco is a Republican voter from Atlanta, Georgia
  • He explains why Mitt Romney gets his vote this year
  • 'My vote for Romney is really for my daughter's future and my peace of mind'
Mitt Romney has the vote of Republican Sal Guarisco.
Sal Guarisco

Editor’s note: Sal Guarisco is the director of video production and operations at The Guarisco Group, LLC. He is a Republican voter from Atlanta. To hear from a Democratic voter, click here.

I just dropped my daughter off at school. As I head to my local polling place, which is about a mile from the house, I'm thinking about how this election will affect her and future generations. I know that four more years of Barack Obama ensures a bleak future at best. I'll be voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: Not because I'm a life-long Republican, but because as a small business owner, I believe that our country needs someone who knows how to get government out of the way in order for business to thrive.

Only 8% of the Obama administration has held private sector jobs and it shows. The financial policies and uncertainties that have shrouded Obama and his administration have killed our economy. The billions of dollars thrown at failed "green" energy companies and the bailout of the two automakers—excuse me, the two union pension funds that just happen to make automobiles that are still in the red to the American taxpayer upwards of $27 billion—are prime examples of the financial ignorance of the current president and administration.

The Obama legacy is long and deep. The promised "most transparent administration in history" never materialized. Obamacare is doing nothing that it has promised: Healthcare costs are already going up and it's not even fully implemented—and people still think it's free! Unions and big companies are already receiving waivers because it's costing jobs.

One in four children live in poverty. Nearly 3.6 million families have lost their homes. 23 million Americans are out of full-time work and the Obama plan to raise taxes will not create jobs. Over 100 million Americans depend on welfare and food stamps.

We're leaving the generation of kids younger than my daughter $20 trillion in debt now. Imagine what it will be in four more years under President Obama. Iran is four years closer to having a nuclear weapon, and Obama has only given lip service to our fragile friendship with Israel.

Romney and Ryan bring a collective strength, wealth of economic knowledge, sanity, and financial certainty that will encourage investment in the private sector, especially in small businesses. I believe the floodgates of investment capital will open the day that they are sworn in, if not sooner. They will seek to repeal Obamacare immediately and open up insurance to be sold across state lines for more competition and lower costs. There will be a greater confidence in our country that will spur the rebuilding of what was lost.

To sum it up, my vote for Romney/Ryan is really for my daughter's future and my peace of mind.

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