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Dr. Drew

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Justin Bieber’s mom reveals dark past to Dr. Drew

  • Pattie Mallette says she was sexually abused, attempted suicide
  • Admits she struggled with drugs, alcohol
  • Details her past in new book, 'Nowhere but Up'

The mother of one of the world's biggest musical superstars, Justin Bieber, opened up to HLN’s Dr. Drew Wednesday night about her most intimate and traumatic secrets, which are detailed in her new book “Nowhere but Up."

Pattie Mallette began the moving interview by talking about being the victim of sexual abuse. Although the pop star’s mom didn’t reveal who the abusers were, she said it was like “escaping her own body” when the horrific acts were taking place.

“Everybody has their own coping mechanisms and we're built to survive [these] ridiculous things that happen to us in our life … [but] it was years later that I started feeling even more of the effects,” she said, adding, “...the sexual abuse that happened when I was younger sort of spiraled everything out of control. As a teenager I was doing a lot of drugs and alcohol. There was a lot of confusion -- a lot of my purity had been taken at a really young age.”

Her parents split when she was just two years of age. She noted how she didn’t see her father until age 9, feeling deserted for years. As a teen still dealing with issues of abandonment, abuse, an unhealthy relationship with her parents and her then boyfriend, she then attempted to take her own life.

“I went out and in front of my house and I thought I timed it perfectly,” Mallette explained. “There was a big truck coming down the road and I jumped out if front of it. [The driver] screeched on the brakes and it tilted over in the street...and didn't touch me. I was embarrassed.  I was devastated. I still wanted to die.”

Dr. Drew responded, "There's a reason you lived and we're all sort of the beneficiaries of that.”

Mallette later said she went through counseling and therapy to help her through her troubling times. She also said that she stayed strong through faith, prayers and by reading the book "The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse."

“Writing [my] book was a big part of my healing process. I don't know about closure though, because I don't think I'll ever completely arrive [at that]. But I'm much healthier today than I was when I was younger,” she explained.

Her famous son wrote the foreward to the memoir, noting that he found the book difficult to read and even cried about it.

“He's been very supportive, though, because he knows that the only reason I wrote the book is to help other people that have gone through similar things and he holds that belief that it's going to make a difference. He's seen it.”

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