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Best of the blogs: Sorry kids, mom's on strike!

  • One-stop shop for this week's best parenting blog posts
  • Overworked mom 'quits,' lets kids fend for themselves
  • Dad makes a brave trip to join daughter for school lunch
One mom comically decides to go on strike for a week, leaving her family to fend for itself.

"Best of the Blogs" is's home for some of the very best recent parenting blog posts. It's also a chance to spotlight the great work being done by these talented folks who somehow find the time to not only raise children, but also write (quite well) about it, too. Seen a great post? Tell @JonFromHLN!

"An open letter to Honey Boo-Boo's mom"

Pageant girls. Severely questionable diet choices. English subtitles for English speakers. There's a lot of ammo for the Honey haters out there, and I expected this post to be more of the same. Instead, it's a surprisingly different take as one mother, Leslie Marinelli, finds unlikely similarities between herself and Mrs. Boo Boo:

"But you and I are more alike than we are different, I reckon.

We both live in Georgia, love to goof around with our kids, and think farts are funny.

We both have a jacked-up toe that we keep under wraps except for shock value. Yours is the result of a forklift accident. Mine came from a surprise middle-of-the-night encounter with one of my kids' toys.

We both have a treasured family recipe for spaghetti (or "sketti") sauce that includes at least one tomato-based product.

We're both raising our daughters to know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes." Continue article at In The Powder Room.

More from Leslie Marinelli: The Bearded Iris | Follow @TheBeardedIris

"The Best"

Who knew there could be such sweet moments found amid the utter chaos of a kindergarten class at lunchtime? One dad decided to join his young daughter for lunch at school and made some funny, remarkable, memorable discoveries among the chicken nugget free-for-all:

"At some point, a seat next to The Peanut opened up, so her brother went and plopped down next to her. It was sometime near then that my popularity with the group soared to near sacred levels. I'm not sure why. As the Peanut popped nugget number 5 and shared her carrots with her brother, the noisy throng approached and started touching me as if I was Indiana Jones or the Stanley Cup.

It was then, with lunch time almost over and the lunch monitors asking if one was finished or another needed to go to the bathroom, that it hit me..." Continue article at Dadcentric.

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"Mom on Strike!"

What happens when a parent just ... quits? Does the house fall apart? Do the kids start going all "Lord of the Flies"? This ultimate experiment in "fend for yourself" parenting was comically documented by a working mom who went "on strike" for one week:

"Olivia continues to tell me that the kitchen is disgusting. At last count she had made this statement 17 times today alone. Looks like I don’t need to worry about a trip to the optometrist. Peyton asked me if this was one of my ‘silly mind games’ then proceeded to express her disgust that I am not doing anything for her. My answer, as it has been all week, was an empathetic 'I have just been so busy this week my love.' Then I walked away and checked to see if my wine fridge was stocked." Continue article at Crazy Working Mom.

More from Jessica Stillwell: Crazy Working Mom.

"Scribbles Around My Heart"

A beautiful little moment shared by a dad who unexpectedly found an old doodle his then-toddler daughter scribbled during a difficult time in their lives:

"The handwriting and heart are the handiwork of My Love. The rest, nothing more than a series of lines from a rainbow pack of markers, belong to Li’l Diva.

Those lines were all she muster on Oct. 8, 2002, the first full day of many she would spent in the hospital after being diagnosed with juvenile myositis.

The only reason I know this is from cross-matching the date I had written in the bottom right corner to a journal My Love and I used to keep to track all of Li’l Diva’s many hospitalizations, doctor appointments, medical procedures and medication changes in those early years." Continue reading at Always Home and Uncool.

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"The Tooth Fairy"

Adorable childhood tradition or a "silly rite of passage"? Here's one voice vehemently in support of the latter, complete with some NSFW fairy ranting:

"For kids who battle bedtime fears, the whole thing is just a recipe for disaster. Sure, kids, you’re all safe and tucked in, but beware that while you’re sleeping, a winged creature will barge through your window and take an old body part you’re so attached to! Sleep tight!

Who thought it a good idea to get kids into the habit of trading body parts for money, anyway? ... What’s next: A $50 bill for a detached finger? A nice, crisp $100 bill for a severed toe? What’s the lesson here?" Continue article at Scary Mommy.

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