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Bigger, faster, shinier! iPhone 5 rumor roundup

  • Apple expected to debut new iPhone on Wednesday
  • Is it worth your cash? Here's what the phone may include
  • Mini iPad and new iPods also likely to be launched
Bigger, faster, shinier! iPhone 5 rumor roundup

Would you spend $200 for an extra 0.5 inches of screen size?

What about a new and improved shiny metal casing?

How about for all that ... plus a smaller dock connector?

Yeah. Same here.

Look, from the outside, there's probably not a whole lot that's going to blow away current iPhone owners and send them scrambling to snatch up the new iPhone 5.

But if the rumors are correct (and with Apple product launches, they almost always are) there are some other small-but-mighty exterior upgrades and a handful of important interior boosts which Apple chief Tim Cook is banking on to set your gadget lust to overdrive.

Initial retail estimates are that Apple will sell 10 million of these things in the first week alone. So Cook may just be correct.

The phone is expected to make its debut at an Apple event on Wednesday and here's what industry experts expect it to pack:

A larger display

So what difference does an extra half-inch of screen size make? It doesn't sound like a lot, but the entire phone is also said to be growing a little taller. So the new four-inch screen fronting a longer (though just as wide) iPhone should create a more dynamic overall appearance. Remember when the whole thing with phones was that they kept getting smaller? That trend appears to have kind of stalled out.

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A better display

This may be the second-most significant upgrade over previous iPhones. A 960 x 640 pixel count is expected to be scrapped for a 1136 x 640 display and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Which is all a bunch of numbers basically indicating the display will be the sharpest Apple has ever rolled out for an iPhone.

Oooh! Shiny objects!

Further evidence that there's no such thing as an update too minute to dissect, there seems to be a lot of excitement among the Mac Daddies over a new metal back to the iPhone. Judging from leaked photos, the rear plate will cover all but the very top and bottom of the phone. We're not sure if it serves any real functional purpose. However it will ensure that while held up to your ear, any passersby will immediately know that's an iPhone 5 in your hand. Top shelf, baby. Tell the world.

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A nice bottom

Apple has redesigned the bottom of the iPhone. That's where you'll now find the headset and also a smaller dock connector. The new connector features just eight pins (all previous iPhones had 30-pin connectors) so owners may need an adapter to make it work with existing Apple technology. And, wouldn't you know it, Apple is currently the only company producing just such an item for you to purchase.

A phaster phone

Unless you're just using your iPhone to make phone calls (in which case may we suggest a Jitterbug), then this is the most important upgrade Cupertino is rolling out. The iPhone 5 is expected to be the first iPhone with 4G LTE networking, bringing with it the promise of faster Internet connectivity, video streaming and download speeds. Apple first introduced LTE into its product line with the most recent iPad.

So if moving the location of the headset for your little white earbuds isn't an incentive to buy a new phone, then perhaps quicker access to the music and TV shows with which to fill those earbuds is.

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