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Dem delegate: 'We’re so much more positive'

  • Meet some of the delegates attending the DNC
  • President's work on economy and immigration draw praise
  • College-age delegate: Diversity sets this convention apart
People are out in force at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

The sequined hats and donkey-plastered jackets make a pretty strong statement. But interesting as their outfits are, those statements are still pretty incomplete.

Here, in their own words, we find out what's driven the Democrats' party animals to come to Charlotte, North Carolina, and how the most loyal of Obama supporters view his presidency and the country today.

Also: they have some pretty great outfits.


DNC 2012

Marc Croes, Texas delegate

Three positive things about Mitt Romney? "Good hair, nice suits ... that's the best I can do."

President Obama's top accomplishment? "His top accomplishment is stabilizing the economy. Unemployment is down, job creation is way up. It's just a flat-out lie that people are not doing reasonably well."

Three words that describe your ideal America? "Fair, fun and prosperous."


Lenora Sorola-Puhlman, Texas delegate

Three words that describe America today? "Opportunity, freedom, progress."

Three words that describe your ideal America? "Freedom for everyone -- born and not born, the right for women to choose what to do with their body."

I'm here because: "I believe in President Barack Obama. I believe in what he can do for this country."

President Obama's top accomplishment? "The presidential executive order on illegal immigration (allowing those who entered as children to work at least two years without threat of deportation)."


Katherine, Oregon delegate

How is the DNC different from the RNC? "First, diversity. You see everyone from every way of life here. There are a lot of women, a lot of Hispanics, lot of African-Americans, Asian-Americans -– every type of American is here. Also ... we’re inclusive, supportive of women’s rights and health care and we’re excited and ready to go."

Best outfit you've seen here? Hats with noodles coming out of them and people wearing American flag capes.

Are young voters going to come out for Obama? "They definitely are. I work on campus at the University of Oregon and the students love Obama. We give out Obama stickers and they love him. They have for the last four years and they definitely will come back for him in 2012."


Loretta Harper, Nevada delegate

Why do you think President Obama win? "Because I wake up every day and I say to myself, 'What can I do to help re-elect President Obama?' I’ll get on my phone, I’ll tweet, I’ll go on my fundraising page, go to my neighbors and friends. I talk the talk and I walk the walk!"

How is the DNC different from the RNC? "We have more fire, more enthusiasm, we’re so much more positive, we’re focused. We know we’re going to re-elect President Obama. We’re not going backwards, we’re going forward!”

Jonathan Anker is covering the DNC from Charlotte. Follow him on Twitter @JonFromHLN

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