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Seeking justice for slain mother Genna Ayup

  • Genna Ayup, 27, was shot and killed in front of her son
  • Charges filed against her boyfriend were later dropped
  • Genna's best friend told HLN, "Justice must be served"
Seeking justice for slain mother Genna Ayup

Friends and family of 27-year-old mother Genna Ayup are shocked, outraged and angry after The Pima County Attorney’s Office announced they are dropping manslaughter charges against Ayup’s boyfriend, Ronald James Corbin Jr.

“It’s just appalling,” Toni Solheid, Ayup’s mother, told HLN. “I can’t believe they are saying a crime has not been committed. It’s a disgrace to my daughter.”

Corbin was arrested and charged on July 12 with one count of manslaughter two weeks after Ayup was shot in the head in front of their 2 ½ year old son, court documents stated.

Authorities said Corbin was at a bar from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. the day Ayup was killed where he consumed between three and four 23-ounce draft beers before driving home on his motorcycle, according to court documents. However, Ayup's best friend, Rachel Smith, told HLN Corbin told her was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs the day of the shooting. 

Roughly twenty minutes later Ayup had been shot, according to investigators. Police said Corbin was “installing a rubber grip on his Glock 27 handgun when it discharged and struck the victim in the head,” according to court documents. The couple’s 2 ½ year old son witnessed the shooting, authorities said.

Police said the gun had a loaded magazine inserted in it and a round in the chamber when they arrived at the crime scene. Court documents said Corbin was an avid hunter and gun owner with years of gun handling experience.

“As prosecutors we’re ethically bound to charge only those cases which we believe we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt and here the evidence of Mr. Corbin’s criminal intent is insufficient to meet that burden,” Kellie Johnson of the Pima County Attorney’s Office told News 4, KOVA-TV reported.

“I just started crying and couldn’t stop,” Solheid said as she recalled the day she learned charges were being dropped. “It’s hitting me now that this has happened. I don’t think I believed it before.”

HLN was unable to reach Corbin or his attorney for a comment, but KOVA-TV reported Corbin told News 4, “No thank you,” when asked to give his side of the story.

“When I found out they had dropped the manslaughter charges I was in complete shock and panic,” Smith told HLN. “I wanted to throw up. I couldn’t believe there would be no justice for Genna.”

“Everyone is angry and outraged by the decision,” Smith said. “How can he just walk the streets of Tucson with no consequences whatsoever? His son not only had to witness this horrific incident, but is left with no mother, who was his life.”

Justice for Genna, a Facebook page dedicated to the Ayup has nearly 1,900 supporters. “This page was created because Genna is no longer here. This was to give her a voice for justice,” Smith said.

Smith also created an online petition which now has over 3,100 signatures. “The petition is the main importance…we are hoping that we continue to receive support, especially because there are no charges being brought against Ronald at this time,” Smith said.

“I know Genna would want us all to live our lives and be happy. She was the most loving, understanding, and forgiving person I’ve ever know,” Smith said. “However, I cannot and will not stop seeking answers, guidance, and assistance until justice is served.”

Ayup’s mother said the day her grandson was born was “like magic” in her daughter’s life. Solheid said her daughter told her, “I never believed I could I could love something so much and so fast. I now understand being a mom.”

“We are devastated by the loss of a beautiful beloved young mother who we all loved so dearly,” Smith told HLN. “This poor young mother didn’t deserve to die in front of her baby boy. She had so much life left to live. Justice must be served.”

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