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Trail Mix: Paul Ryan, dad-pants fashion victim!

  • GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan called out for his style choices
  • 16th annual New Jersey Cockroach Derby predicts the winner of the presidential race
Trail Mix: Paul Ryan, dad-pants fashion victim!

HLN's Ed Hornick has covered presidential politics since 2000. He also reported on The White House, Congress, and foreign affairs for CNN. You can follow him on Twitter: @EdHornick

Want to know what's popping in campaign news? Meet our column "Trail Mix" -- your guide to the fun, the quirky, and, oh yeah, the news from the 2012 campaign trail.

You're embarrassing me, dad!

Paul Ryan -- fashion disaster? That's what Gawker seems to think in their story titled, "People Really Don’t Like Paul Ryan’s Dad-Pants." The photo above shows an extremely long, large zipper and, gasp, pleats! Somewhere Joan Rivers is rocking back and forth in a $20,000 Chanel bathtub. I kid.

Gawker jokes, "Maybe his pants are so big because they're full of secrets."

And Gawker was hardly alone. The Washington Post put it this way:

"Ryan appeared rumpled, slightly sloppy for a vice-presidential candidate. As if he’d flown in hours before and mistakenly picked up someone else’s suitcase. His pants sagged at his ankles. His starched, white shirt bunched at his stomach. His dark jacket drooped, better suited for a man of the cloth than a man on a presidential ticket. Perhaps his raw, slightly unkempt suit balances out Romney's snazzier, controlled appearance. ... Ryan's Midwestern sensibilities and baggy pants may appeal to swing voters who think cuff links are wasteful expenditures. The man believes in trimming budgets, not pant legs."

BuzzFeed got into the fashion mix with technology that will let you "dress him much more fabulously."

Ryan isn't the only politician guilty of dad-fashions. President Obama has often been spotted sporting dad-jeans.

Um, we're raging against you...

Little known fact about Paul Ryan: He says Rage Against the Machine is one of his fav bands. Guitarist Tom Morello, however, is having none of that!

"He can like whatever bands he wants," Morello wrote in a Rolling Stone opinion piece. "But his guiding vision of shifting revenue more radically to the one percent is antithetical to the message of Rage. ... I wonder what Ryan's favorite Rage song is? Is it the one where we condemn the genocide of Native Americans? The one lambasting American imperialism? Our cover of 'F- the Police'?"


And they're off!

You can hardly believe it's the 16th annual New Jersey Cockroach Derby! I know! This year the race was between Obama and Romney.

According to The New Jersey Star-Ledger, "Two 2 ½-inch long hissing Madagascar cockroaches, one topped with a tiny paper figure of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and the other sporting a figure of Pres. Barack Obama, scurried across a three-foot long enclosed track today."

The winner? Romney! So will this race predict what happens in November? The organizers say the contest has an 84% prediction rate. Hmm. I'm not holding my breath.

Photo of the day: Having a Marilyn Monroe moment

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Obama's senior adviser David Axelrod: "I don't accept his word on what his (Romney's) taxes say."

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough: “Mitt Romney is not going to win Wisconsin,” he continued. “Even with Paul Ryan.”

"The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart: "Voter fraud is an enormous issue with more than exactly 10 documented cases of it in the entire country alone, just since the beginning of the millennium. That’s .000000284% of all votes. So you can see why Pennsylvania would want to enact a voter ID law that one study claims could potentially disenfranchise around 9% of the entire Pennsylvanian electorate. But that’s the price you pay to prevent something that doesn’t happen.”

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