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36 things to do with an extra second!

  • Our list of ways to spend your brand new, extra second
  • Researchers added a rare 'leap second' to the atomic clock
36 things to do with an extra second!

On Saturday at exactly 8 p.m. ET, we all received one extra second in our day. Strange but true. And wonderful.

Due to a handful of factors, the Earth's rotation occasionally slows a bit and official international timekeepers adjust the atomic clock by adding a 'leap second' to make up for the difference yadda, yadda, science.

So now that we've all gained a leap second, the grand question becomes 'What will you do with it??' And as one of our producers pointed out, if you take a second to think about it, you've already blown it.

You've got to be prepared ahead of time. So here are 36 suggested (and brief) ways for to spend your extra time:

• Read this sentence

• Deliver a laborious pronunciation of "Mississippi"

• Listen to yourself crunch a chip

• Enjoy a few cinemagraphs

• Ask a clown question, bro.

• Ask a clown a question

• Hug your kid, spouse, significant other, or, you know, self

• Sleep in. Just a little.

• Stick your head in the freezer

• Watch the part of "From Justin to Kelly" where it gets really good

• Remember Justin

• Upgrade a kiss from peck to smooch

• Learn the chorus of Rebecca Black's "Friday"

• Take a deep(ish) breath

• Do 'jazz hands' - ha-cha-chaa

• Do one more sit-up or take two extra treadmill steps

• Google "The Bear That Wasn't"

• Compliment someone

• Pet an Olsen twins' backpack

• Do not pet an Olsen twin

• Ask for extra pickles

• Think twice about clicking 'send' on an angry email

• Play a game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' -- but not against this robot

• Drop a quarter in the charity jar at the hardware store

• Decide which was more awesome: Voltron or Thundercats? :cough: Voltron :cough:

• Go one second over the recommended cooking time of something in the microwave just to see what happens

• Stop saying 'TomKat'

• Start saying 'Holmes Alone'

• Ring a doorbell and run away

• Drop you soda can in the recycling bin instead of the trash

• Tweet your congratulations to LeBron James

• Yo, don't hate

• Wink at someone

• Google "I'm From Barcelona"

• Turn off your kid's TV/iPad/Xbox/laptop/thing that lights up and makes noises

• Take their hand, start walking toward the backyard


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