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What's the wisest thing your dad ever said?

  • Share the best advice you received from Dad with us
  • Happy Father's Day!
What's the wisest thing your dad ever said?


Robin Meade: My dad is the one who would say "morning sunshine" to us kids each morning to help wake us up. It was a cheerful greeting, but had an underlying tone of "get in your butt in gear and get things done" too. That's where I got the greeting I give viewers each day. 

Sandy Fister Webb: He had a sign that he believed in that said, "I never said it would be easy. I just said it would be worth it."

Jacqueline Jordan: My dad said to me every day, "Be the best you can be." I live true to this everyday. He was an amazing father!

Heather Murphy: "Learn to tell the difference between your wants and your needs. Your wants are usually more expensive."

Lorenza Brascia: The best advice I’ve ever received from my dad is work-related. He’s always told me, "If there’s nothing else to do, pick up a broom and sweep."

Anna Gonzalez: "This won’t matter next year." He said this to me when I was upset about something that had gone on during high school. And he was right! It didn’t even matter three months from then.

Jennifer Westhoven: My Dad taught me something without saying a word: It takes a lot more strength to stay peaceful and calm as the battle rages around you, than it does to join in the battle.

Kim Hartz: ‎"It is better to be forgiven than to ask permission." He explained that if we ask permission to do something, get told no, then do it anyway, you will get in way more trouble than if you just do whatever it is you wanted to do and beg forgiveness later :)

Cynthia Rutledge: My dad said, “God and family come first.” He has spent his entire life leading by example.

Chris Gonzalez: Relating golf to life... "The toughest part of golf is the 6 inches between your ears," meaning, don't let your brain get in the way of what you're doing presently, in golf and in life.


Billie Cronin: My dad always told me to be a strong, independent women. Don't depend on a man. If the man in your life walks out tomorrow you should be able to stand on your own two feet!!! :-) Best advice ever!!!

Amy Erickson: ‎"If he honks when he's there to pick you up, don't walk out the door!" :)

Casie Garrow: When I got pregnant at a very young age, someone told me my life was ruined. My dad said to me, "It's not ruined, just different." I'll never forget that.

Christi Burke: To be an independent woman and never fully depend on a man! Best advice a dad could give his only daughter.

Amanda Howard Scouten: My daddy wrote in my middle school yearbook, "Leave the boys alone until you are grown." I laughed & rolled my eyes, but as a parent now of a little girl, I've often said that to her.

Rebecca Hart Becky: I was taught not to call the boys. I still believe that! By having that lesson I was saved a lot of embarrassment and knew when the boy called me he really liked me. Till this day I believe in that lesson :)


This is advice Morning Express with Robin Meade meteorologist Bob Van Dillen (and father of two) gave to his 8-year-old son Jack, "Never swim in the kiddie pool. It's only 80% water."

Amy Jo Montgomery-Roth: When in doubt... call your mother. 

Brandi Marie: ‎"Don't marry for love. Marry for money." lol

Jonathon Poe: Dad always told me, "When your mom isn't home, it's then ok for you to put your feet on the table."


Dianna Hill: Classic line from my dad: If you take car of your car, it will take care of you. 

@coffeemakergirl: My dad taught me how to make perfect rice. He said I will never go hungry if I can make rice.

Amy Marrotte: My dad passed away when I was fairly young, but he did once tell me... on getting a tattoo: tape a picture of the tattoo on the bathroom mirror and look at it for 30 days. If you aren't sick of it and you still want it inked into your body forever, then go for it. I'm almost 50 and never did get a tattoo! Thanks Dad ♥

LeeAnn Raffensperger: Travel. Take advantage of all you can in America. This country has so much good to offer; hands on education is the best way to learn.

Carol Cummins-Rogers: Check the doors and stove before you go to bed.

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