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New Apple toys: Rumor or real?

  • There's good news if you fear your iPhone is about to be outdated
  • Also good news for John Malkovich: Siri is expanding
  • But some bad news for Google: Apple is about to roll out its own mapping program
New Apple toys: Rumor or real?

Have you ever waited in a two-hour line outside the Apple store to be among the very first to lay your hands on a brand new ... operating system?

No? Really? Well, do you want to? There are a bunch of big announcements Apple is rumored to be making as it opens its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco (that's #WWDC for those who only speak Twitter) and while not the sexiest of the batch, new operating systems for both its iOS mobile platform and OS X traditional software are probably the most important.

But while it's always nice to talk about supercharged engines, what people really want to do is stare at the shiny, new car. So let's tick through some of the big WWDC rumors beginning with the sleekest, most popular car in Apple's garage:

The iPhone For once, you don't have to worry about suddenly carrying around an outdated piece of tech gadgetry. That iPhone in your pocket/purse/fanny pack is still totally fine and not about to be outdone by an iPhone 5 announcement. Most Apple watchers agree that launch will probably happen this fall, not at the WWDC.

Siri-ously: iPad's new toy Looks like John Malkovich is about to have a new gadget to tell him jokes. Siri is heading to the iPad on the backs of Apple's new iOS 6 mobile operating system, according to several reports including this one from You can now look forward to a surge in hilarious Siri slip-ups in the coming months.

Mac daddies New laptops and even a desktop update are on the way, as Apple pauses to give some overdue love to its immobile devices. The new Mac Pro will be Apple's first update to the classic computer in two years -- meaning the current model is positively Paleozoic by the standards of the fast-moving tech world. On the laptop side, a new 15", slimmer MacBook Pro will be announced, too, and will reportedly feature the hyper-crisp Retina Display recently introduced on the iPad.

Facebook's new friend Apple is about to play nice with Facebook. That new iOS 6 is rumored to include Facebook integration throughout, allowing users to share more easily with the social site. The consensus seems to be that whatever fun tricks these two giants have planned isn't as significant as the mere fact that they're actually teaming up. Wonder what Google thinks of this.

"Mapple?" Well, this may provide a clue Apple is cutting the cord with Google Maps as its operating systems' maps application. According to 9to5Mac, "Instead of Google, Apple will rely on mapping databases that it has developed thanks to acquisitions of at least three mapping firms." Google Maps will still be available on all your iDoohickeys but Apple's native service -- which supposedly includes 3D features -- is now about to get top-billing on all devices. We're sure it'll be great, but there's no chance it's better than this map.

Apple TV Depending on who you believe, there either is or is not an App Store-like platform about to launch for the Apple TV console. If true, you'll soon be able to channel surf and app surf at the same time. Non-productivity has never been so inevitable.

Not sexy Many of those previous items mention the new iOS 6 mobile operating system, so we should probably mention that that's happening -- as well as a new version of Mountain Lion. And again, while it's not nearly as thrilling (or even tangible) as all of Apple's more high-profile wizbang, this is the stuff that makes the wizbang bang. The new Mountain Lion operating system been on preview for three months already and further translates the mobile experience to laptops and desktops. 

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