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And the best seat on a plane is... 6A!

  • New study has found best, worst seats on a plane
  • We've included a handy list of the REAL best, worst seats on a plane
And the best seat on a plane is... 6A!
plane engine

One of the worst places to sit? A seat right next to the engine.

plane seats

Getting stuck in the middle of a row: Yeah, not fun.

Flying is -- how can we say this? -- a very personal experience. Or, at least, as personal as one can get while rocketing through the sky while stuffed in a metal tube with dozens of other people, many of whom are sweaty.

A new study, however, claims to have found the best seat on the plane, that one seat that combines maximum comfort with convenience, and lessens the possibility of a stress-induced mid-flight mental breakdown.

That seat is 6A. 

Skyscanner, a flight comparison website, asked 1000 people about their air travel preferences and combined the results to find that one seat that's just right. According to the study, 45% of people prefer the first few rows of seats -- a no-brainer, since those lucky few get to board and de-plane first. 

Surprisingly, people also seem to prefer a window seat, like our lucky 6A. Of those polled, 60% liked a perch with a view, as opposed to 40% who preferred the aisle. To the less-than 1% of folks who said they like the middle seat: There may be something wrong with you. 

So what's the worst seat in the house? 31E, according to the study, a middle seat near the back of the plane which gives you no easy bathroom access, no easy sleep, and a long wait for food and drinks. Happy travels, 31E!

Of course, anyone who experiences the joy of regular air travel knows where the REAL best and worst seats are. Try to dampen your stress triggers, frequent flyers, and peruse our list (we've excluded the typical crying baby scenario, because every seat on a plane next to a crying baby is a bad one).

Our Best & Worst list 

Best: You're the lone person in your row, and as your fellow flyers filter on the the plane, you wait, and wait and ... yes! No neighbors! Hello, three-seat chaise lounge...

Worst: The seat next to Pam. Pam is a sweet lady from Arkansas and she is really eager to tell you about her entire life. She loves flying! Oh, you work at a website? Isn't that awesome! Tell her more. Pam has a large family she is going to visit, and each member has their own exhaustive personal history! Oh, are those pictures, Pam? Great. You have waited too long to put in your headphones and now you can't tune out without seeming rude. There. Is. No. Escape.  

Best: The one right next to where they pull the food cart out. You're the first to get your complimentary beverage, and you have the best chance of getting to the bathroom to relieve said beverage from your system without interference.

Worst: The opposite of the above. Any seat that carries a risk of putting that giant behemoth of a beverage cart between you and the bathroom is a no-go. 

Best: Whatever window seat affords you a view of the amazing panorama of your departure or arrival city. There are actually people who know what seats those are. Those people fly too much. 

Worst: The one seat that doesn't contain a copy of SkyMall. What are you supposed to read?!! What if you are in desperate need of a glow-in-the-dark musical showerhead or a table shaped like a book? Alternately, this seat could be the seat where someone has done the Sudoku in the back of the inflight magazine. In pen. Dear Sudoku ruiners: Everyone hates you. 

Worst: A seat right next to the engine. WHAT DID YOU SAY? I NEED FLIGHT TEXTING IN INDIAN? 

Best: Yeah, the first few rows of seats sounds about right. Now get me the heck off this plane!

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