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'Hunger Games' vs. 'Twilight': Who 'wins'??

  • A love triangle might be the only thing these sagas have in common
  • 'Hunger Games' broke advanced ticket sales for Fandango
  • Fans argue Katniss is a better role model for girls than Bella
'Hunger Games' vs. 'Twilight': Who 'wins'??

It could be the biggest thing since “Twilight.” Or perhaps, you might argue, it’s actually better than “Twilight.”

Of course we’re talking about “The Hunger Games,” which opens in theaters tomorrow.

So how do the two franchises stack up? So glad you asked! We have all the major angles covered:

Ticket sales -- Who sold more?

You thought “Twilight” was big? “The Hunger Games” has already broken records for online ticket retailer Fandango, who opened up sales a month in advance of the premiere. If you guessed the previous record-holder might be in the “Twilight” family, you are correct: It was the 2010 release of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

Some are also expecting major competition for “Twilight” at the box office. The Wall Street Journal spoke with a movie executive who they say has been tracking reports on the film and is projecting that “Hunger Games” will bring in over $100 million on opening weekend. Could it beat out the top-grossing “Twilight” film, which was the $142.8 million debut of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”?

Katniss vs. Bella -- Which heroine is the stronger character?

The Atlantic asks the question we all want to know: “If Bella fought Katniss, who would win?”

You might say, “Why can’t we all just get along!?” Well… because there has to be a winner, and for “Hunger Games” fans and critics alike, that winner is Katniss.

EW says they “Both have cores of steel. They know what they want, and they aren’t going to back down… any similarity ends there… compared to Katniss, Bella is simply the more passive character.”

The Atlantic calls Katniss “noble, brave, resourceful, and a damn good sharpshooter.”

You can find lots more where that came from. And while us adults can croon on and on about the two series, we were wondering how their "target audience" really feels. Check out part of this op-ed written by a high school student for the Contra Costa Times:

“If we all acted like Bella, our life's ambition might be to trip a lot, seem cute in a pale sort of way, and marry a super-centenarian… However, Katniss is courageous and independent as her family's caretaker since the age of 11. She's also selfless, giving up her life to save her little sister, Prim. Bella is an excellent victim of Disney Princesses Syndrome, always depending on either Prince Edward or Jacob the pauper to save her from dangerous situations and her own insecurities. On the other hand, girl warrior Katniss embodies female power as she fights for her life and the lives of those she loves.”

Star potential -- Who's "hotter"?

Could Liam Hemsworth become the “next Robert Pattinson?" Or Jennifer Lawrence “the next Kristen Stewart?" You betcha. It’s no stretch to say that the careers of the lead actors in “The Hunger Games” are about to explode. But just don’t go making the “Twilight” comparison to them. Hemsworth doesn’t seem to feel comfortable talking about it. And Josh Hutcherson tells Hollywood Life that when it comes to hotness, the “Twilight” hunks win for sure (aw, you’re just being modest, Josh! We say that’s all a matter of taste).

The “fandemonium” -- Which fans are crazier?

Both franchises target the same “young adult” audience, but the fans are surprisingly different -- in the way they act, at least. EW’s Inside Movies gives some great insight on covering the “Hunger Games” premiere after so many stints on the “Twilight” red carpet:

“The atmosphere felt different,” writes EW’s Carrie Bell. “The word that immediately popped into my head: calmer.”

Her take on fans’ love for cast members: “They grasped homemade signs, although their general aura seemed far less sexual and suggestive than those witnessed at 'Breaking Dawn.'”

We really appreciate this particular image, too: “'Hunger Games' fans seemed more friendly and empowered. One girl under 12 had emblazoned neon poster board with the phrase ‘I am Katniss’ and a drawing of the film’s bow-and-arrow-toting heroine with the head area cut out so she could put her face through it.”

So there’s a look at the two sagas! Are you #TeamTwilight, #TeamHungerGames or do you have a special place in your heart for both?

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