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Cat born with two faces: Cute or creepy?

  • Florida couple named the kitten 'Harvey Dent'
  • He's called a Janus cat, named after mythical Roman god with two faces
Cat born with two faces: Cute or creepy?

We love us some cats: LOLcats, re-mixed cats, cats that climb in Christmas trees, cats with their faces stuck in a piece of bread... basically, if it has a cat's face on it, we WILL click.

But what about a cat with two faces? Could we grow to love it, too? Double the faces, double the fun?

Nash Hand and his wife Amanda Forsythe tell WWSB that they had just seen a show about a cat with two faces. They looked over to their preggers kitty Nene and thought, what if that happened to us?!

Well since you guys just had to go and put it out there in the universe... the joke turned into a reality and the couple did a double take when Nene popped out a Janus kitten (they're called "Janus" after the mythical Roman god with two faces).

They named him Harvey Dent after Batman's nemesis, who also has two faces. Best. Janus. Cat. Name. Ever.

"They simultaneously work together, the two faces," says Amanda. "When he eats on one side it looks like he is eating on the other. When he meows it comes out of both sides." Aaaand there's where it gets a little creepy.

They took little Harvey Dent to a vet, who says his lungs sound good and his heart rate is normal. They're also meeting with a vet neurologist this week.

Most Janus cats only live for a few days, but one known as Frank and Louie -- or more awesomely as "Frankenlouie" -- just earned a spot in the Guinness World Records as the oldest-living Janus cat after surviving 12 years.

Whether you think he's cute or creepy, we're pulling for the little guy. Here's hoping Harvey Dent gets a shot at 18 lives!

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