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Facebook users hate Timeline... and change

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  • New Timeline profile rolled out earlier soon to be mandatory
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Facebook users hate Timeline... and change

If there's one thing Facebook users hate, it's reading all the election-year political screeds from quasi-friends with terrible political views.

But if there are TWO things they hate, it's political screeds ... and change.

The latest evidence? Folks are apparently embracing the new Timeline profile with a level of sneering and apathy typically reserved only for MySpace.*

(Somewhere in Palo Alto, Mark Zuckerberg just did a spit take, sensing his company was just compared to the "M place.")

A new poll rolled out by a security firm finds 97% of Timeline users would rather read a book than use the new profile layout. OK, that is an exaggeration. But not all that much of one. A Sophos poll found just 16% of users either liked it or said they could get used to it -- meaning the other 84% had a negative take on it.

Think about that -- 84%! That's crazy. You couldn't get 8 out of 10 people to agree on whether puppies are cute. But Facebook Timeline hate? The masses stand united on that.

Now I may just be one little digital minnow in the massive Facebook ecosystem, but I'm having a hard time understanding the bashing of Timeline, which will be taking over all profiles in the coming weeks. That huge new image on top of every page? Love it. Very different. Great way for folks to express what they're about in a single, bold shot. The fact that Timeline streams a collapsible archive of every status update or pic you've ever posted in chronological form? Dream come true for nostalgia fans... and future social anthropologists.

The way it presents information to "tell the story" (in Facebook terms) of who you are is clean and -- oh my gosh -- logical. A rarity in navigating many sites.

I get that it may take some getting used to -- learning where your photos are now stocked, determining why becoming a pescatarian now qualifies as a Life Event (seriously) -- and that some of your Facebook activities may too easily become public without your taking action to hide them. But is it so, so horrible that among that 84% of Timeline bashers, a full 36% said they don't know why they even bother with Facebook anymore?

Sophos does acknowledge the 4,000 Facebook users who agreed to participate in the security researchers' survey "might be more conscious of privacy and security-related issues than the average man in the street."

But you know who deserves to have a legit beef with Timeline? Babies. That's right -- babies.

Because thanks to Timeline, every post their mom now makes about how little Sophia was a terror last night and didn't go to bed and how life was so much better when she could just sip wine and watch "Modern Family" at night without a kid driving her nuts will live forever. And one day, when Sophia grows up, she will be able to read that post. And it will be awkward for everybody.

That is, if there even is still a Facebook when little Sophia grows up ...

* Or is it still, "My___" ? Are they still trying to make that catch on? I can't keep up.

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