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Jane Velez-Mitchell: Casey is in denial

  • Jane Velez-Mitchell speaks out on Casey's new video diary
  • Says in the video, Casey positions herself as the victim
  • JVM: Casey hasn't changed one bit -- doesn't mention Cayle once (or jail, the trial, death threats)
Jane Velez-Mitchell: Casey is in denial

It’s in grainy black-and-white, and the audio drops out at times, but make no mistake: That’s Casey Anthony, breaking her silence in a private video diary she shot in October. Wearing a low-cut tank top, Casey sports a new hairstyle (blond and short), new glasses (dark and plastic) and, as she proudly proclaims, a new computer.
But one thing that hasn’t changed, apparently, is her personality. She talks about herself again and again, her infamous me-first attitude on full display as she discusses loneliness, probation, and how thrilled she is to have a new computer. She doesn’t seem to enjoy the computer itself as much as she enjoys simply owning something that, as she says, “I don’t have to give back.” This callback to her incarceration, and perhaps even the unhappiness she once experienced back when she lived in her parents’ home, shows Casey doing what she does best: positioning herself as the victim.

See Casey's video blog
Of course, Casey doesn't mention the real victim -- her daughter Caylee -- even once during the video. I do give her credit for apparently adopting a dog, who she claims to love as much as any of her previous pets. But by not talking about Caylee -- or the trial, or her years in jail, or the death threats leveled against her -- I have to wonder: Is Casey still living in denial? The same heightened level of denial that allowed her to spin lie after lie after lie in the aftermath of Caylee’s death?

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And there are more questions. Did Casey make this recording, which she states is the first of many, for a paying audience? Or are these videos, and the audio diaries which she claims to have made, part of some sort of therapy to help with her self-imposed isolation? That’s what her attorney Cheney Mason claims -- and he also says that this video was never supposed to be released. But there’s a slew of speculation about how the video hit the Internet, with some claiming that it even originated on a pay-per-view website! And parts of it are clearly edited out, including the names of those sheltering her -- so we know someone tinkered with the video. And given what Casey talks about, it almost plays like a trailer for coming attractions! So everyone is asking: If there are upcoming videos, will they be used to generate a profit for Casey or someone close to her?  
One thing’s for sure: Casey might claim “I hate being on camera,” but we all know the truth. This isn’t the last we’ve heard from her.

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