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Viral flour dust-up: Was it staged?

  • Viewers crying foul on kids flour bomb video
  • Oddly calm mom says she lost it after turning camera off
  • Do you think a mom would trash her house for video fame?
Viral flour dust-up: Was it staged?

So do you think the viral video of two tots trashing their house with flour is real, or was it staged by a bored mom with a camera and a dream?

Our Facebook page has lit up with opinions on both sides, but around the cubicles, it breaks down this way: The moms vs. everyone else.

I'm a mom, and I have a hard time believing it's fake. I know how much trouble two little guys working together can create ... I've got two boys at home 18 months apart. I totally get it when mom Mary Napoli says she wasn't feeling well, and made the mistake of spending a few too many minutes hidden behind the bliss of a closed bathroom door ... I also shudder at what else COULD have happened. 

And I'm pretty sure if this were staged, those kids would have called mommy OUT ... toddlers just can't lie. When she asked what happened, we'd hear "You made a flour party mommy" or "You told us to play." Nada, and the video doesn't appear to have any edits. 

Like any good reporter, CNN's Jeanne Moos went straight to the source and asked Mary herself the tough questions like, what's with your eerie calm? Mary said "As soon as I stopped recording, I sat in the middle of the floor in the living room and started crying."

Mary says after a good cry she called her mother-in-law for help and the two cleaned up. The rug had to be trashed, and the sofas are still dirty. Mary says the video wasn't staged. "I mean, we haven't even paid off those couches yet."

Some of our Tweeples agree with me and the moms. Okay, yeah, they're moms too.

@TomsMom1997 says @HLNTV Children that young don't lie. It's too obvious that they are the ones that did it. My call = Real!

@stargal46 says @HLNTV This CAN happen w toddlers! My youngest got out Bisto Gravy Maker 'in a box' Had it all ovr the kitchen & livngroom. Hard 2 clean up!

On Facebook, Gina M. straddles the fence: "I would have to say this is staged, but when my kids were younger (8&6 now) so about 3 or 4 years ago, my husband was watching them and he feel asleep for "a minute" they got a huge bag of powdered sugar and destroyed the living room it was even on the ceiling. they said they were "making it snow". no one says oh my gosh a billion times that calmly seeing mess like that!

I have to admit, the skeptics raise some good questions.

Theresa C. posts on FB:  Reminds me of ''balloon boy''... what's this ...''flour kids''... looks more like a 30 lb sack of flour. BRB gonna make a video of my granddaughter (age 18mos) removing a transmission...;)

Linn F.:  Totally fake! Flour is in places those kids couldn't have gotten too. Too neatly arranged. I don't find this amusing whatsoever and honestly hope she had a heck of a time cleaning up her stupid idea. Yes, kids get into stuff all the time ... but not buying this particular one at all.

Erin L.: As a mom of 3 small children i do believe this could happen, HOWEVER ... it just looks staged to me, if she was just doing it for her fifteen minutes of fame, it's her mess to clean up. Hope it was worth it!

Sandy D.: Fake or not-it is hilarious!

Do you think even a million-plus hits on You Tube and counting is worth facing that mess? Even for a spot on "Ellen?" Let us know what you think on our Facebook poll.

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