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Nancy Grace

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Cindy Anthony: Tot Mom Acquittal Was "Justice For Caylee"

Cindy Anthony claimed in an interview that aired Wednesday that her daughter's acquittal for granddaughter Caylee's murder was justified.

"I believe that justice for Caylee was when her mother walked," Cindy said on "The Dr. Phil Show," explaining that she believed the verdict was a sign from God that the death was truly an accident.

“God is her judge and he let her free,” she added.

The second part of Dr. Phil McGraw's interview with Caylee Anthony's grandparents also revealed what George Anthony now believes happened to Caylee, and his answer to that question even shocked Cindy.

George repeatedly stated that he thinks Casey was involved with Caylee's death and the disposal of her body, and he specifically suggested at one point that she may have tried to use drugs to sedate Caylee and given her an accidental overdose.

"I blame her for Caylee not being here," he said.

Cindy claimed that this interview was the first time she heard George propose the drug overdose theory, and she argued that the evidence at trial did not support it. She seemed to stand by the defense theory that Caylee drowned accidentally.

Despite their different views, Cindy said of George’s explanation, "If that's how he feels and he's finally getting that out in the open, I think it's a good thing for him."

They disagreed slightly on how Caylee's remains ended up in the woods near the family's home, although they did both believe the way the body was disposed of was inexcusable. George said he believed Caylee was transported around in Casey's car and Casey left her in the woods, possibly with someone help. Cindy said that she did not know whether she did it or someone else, but that “Casey had knowledge or something to do with placing Caylee there.”

"I was told that Caylee was found in a different spot than where Casey thought she was," Cindy said. She suggested this was why Casey never admitted the truth: if she said Caylee drowned but could not produce her body, nobody would believe her.

Still, Cindy did seem to offer something of an excuse at one point: “I know that Casey’s belief, as soon as someone dies they leave their body and that’s no longer Caylee. Caylee went straight to heaven.”

Even if the body was just an empty shell, however, she emphasized that it was wrong to leave Caylee’s remains where they were found.

It was clear from many of their comments that both of Caylee’s grandparents had many unanswered questions about what happened to her and what their daughter did that stuck with them after the verdict.

“Will I ever know the truth from Casey?” George said. “I probably won’t. I probably will never know.”

The third part of the interview, focusing on George and Cindy Anthony's reaction to the events of Casey's trial, airs next Monday.

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